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Tenant Not Paying Rent

Facing a tenant not paying rent is the most stressful and frustrating experience for landlords, impacting financial stability and property management. The National Apartment Association’s Rental Housing Market Report (December 2023) reveals a national delinquency rate of 4.7%, indicating that nearly 5% of renters experience late rent payments. As a property manager, I understand the […]

Reasons to Evict a Tenant:

Disclaimer: While this information is intended to be informative, it does not replace the need for legal advice. Please contact a qualified legal professional to discuss your situation. Are you evicting a tenant? I know it’s a decision you don’t want to make, but statistics show it’s a reality for many landlords. A recent study […]

Section 8 Housing OKC

Did you know the number of Section 8 tenants in Oklahoma City has increased by 20% in the last year? As a landlord in OKC, you’re always looking for reliable tenants, but have you considered opening your doors to this growing population? Participating in the Section 8 program can open doors to a stable tenant […]

Proof of Income: How to Verify Potential Tenant’s Income?

Imagine renting your property to someone who can’t afford the rent. Stressful, right? Verifying a potential tenant’s income is crucial to make sure that tenants can afford to pay rent before signing a lease agreement. It helps you to avoid the nightmare scenarios. If you are renting tenants without verifying their income or ability to […]

Can a Landlord Cancel an Eviction

Eviction is a legal process through which a landlord removes a tenant from a rental property. However, evicting a tenant is never an easy or desirable process for landlords. It is usually a last resort when all other options have been exhausted. Tenants facing eviction are understandably unhappy about the situation, but landlords also want […]

Can a Landlord Break a Lease Early

As a landlord, you work hard to maintain your rental properties and provide a comfortable home for your tenants. However, sometimes unexpected issues arise that require breaking a lease agreement early. In this article, I will discuss the circumstances under which a landlord can legally break a lease, along with providing guidance and best practices […]

What Happens If Someone Says They Own My Property?

Have you ever found yourself in the most distressing situation where someone claims ownership of your property even though you thought you were the rightful owner? Property ownership disputes happen more often than you think. Whether due to misunderstandings, miscommunications, or outright fraud, there are always those looking to take what isn’t theirs. However, having […]

Valid Reasons to Deny Rental Applications

As a landlord, you receive rental applications from prospective tenants on a regular basis and encounter the challenging task of screening applicants to decide who will be the best tenant for your rental property. Making the decision to deny a rental applicant that will not meet your requirements or expectations can be difficult but it […]

Can Landlords Ask for Bank Statements for a Rental Application

As a landlord, you have the right to conduct thorough background checks on potential tenants. These checks are crucial to ensure that you are selecting reliable and financially responsible tenants for your rental property. One way you can do this is by asking applicants to provide bank statements as part of the rental application process. […]