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Managing your Oklahoma City rental properties can be stressful with all the other jobs and responsibilities. If you are looking for a trustworthy property manager in Oklahoma City that can handle your rental properties and make steady profits, OKC Home Realty Services can be your right choice. We provide tenant screening and home inspection services. Not only that, we guide you with all the necessary factors regarding the rental property such as squatters’ rights, eviction process, section 8 housing, and more. Our team makes sure that your house is well maintained and is ready to rent.

With years of experience, we stand as the best property management company in Oklahoma City that serves both Property Owners and Tenants with professional rental management services. We list houses for rent in OKC and nearby cities regularly. We provide single-family homes to multi-family homes for you at an affordable price. We deliver rental services in different cities in Oklahoma. Our service areas include Oklahoma City, Edmond, Bethany, Midwest City, Del City, Yukon, and Moore. Grab your opportunity by concentrating on budget as we make sure you get the property of your choosing.

Best Oklahoma City Property Managers

About Us: OKC Home Realty Services

We are the Licensed Realtor owning the Oklahoma City Property Management Company. Our company obeys all the laws set by the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission for Property Management. Our standing as one of the best property management companies in Oklahoma City, OK is validated by expertise.

Once you start working with us you don't need an internet list to realize that we’re very effective at what we do. We work hard to prove that we’re experienced in Oklahoma property management. Our results-driven Property Management Services have helped people to find tenants in the Oklahoma City metro area without any stress.

We Believe In Quality

Our approach is simple. We handle the day-to-day managing of the properties with expertise-level work. Whether you are a real estate investor, landlord, or tenant, we have your solution. We are only a call away!

Section 8 Guide

OKC Home Realty Services provide section 8 guidelines for both homeowner and tenants. We have section 8 rentals in OKC for individuals looking for subsidized housing. Not only that, we provide costs for making the section 8 property ready for housing inspection at any point along the way.

Property Management

We make sure we provide property management services with a motive to maximize the income for the owner in a way that is fair for all parties concerned. Before screening tenants, we prepare a report that helps landlords give a clearer picture of their tenant applicants before deciding whom to choose for their rentals.

Rental Maintenance

We acknowledge that no individual wants to be saddled with home maintenance issues, major or minor. We provide various ways to report maintenance. Whether you prefer to call or submit a form, we always respond on time. Our maintenance response team is always available 24/7 to ensure your maintenance requests are being responded to quickly.

Why People Choose OKC Home Realty Services

Communication. Trust. Return on Investment.

We make sure that our client keeps turning steady profits without any hassles. We are a well-recognized property management LLC in OKC that offers Leasing Services and performs a careful tenant screening process to make sure that the people we work with will never get stuck with terrible tenants.

A wrong decision in the OKC property market can negatively affect your investment properties permanently. That’s why you need a professional property manager who offers full service ranging from renting, repairs and maintenance to tenant screening. With the help of our experts, you’ll never make a wrong decision. Contact Property Management OKC for any kind of rental management services.


We return calls/emails within 24 hours. You can schedule a call or fill up the form so that we can respond to you as soon as possible.

Efficient Leasing

Reduce the vacancy rate for your rental property. The average OKC Home Realty vacancy rate is 4.6% for single-family homes.

Careful Tenant Screening

Quality tenant to your home is our priority. For us, it's more crucial to put the right tenant in your rental home than to earn a leasing fee.

Affordable, Effective Maintenance and Repairs

Our labor rate is below market. Or, use your home warranty. We maintain rental properties in a good state, ensuring they're safe and healthy to live in.

We give you the most return on investment strategy for your okc rental property

OKC Property Management Blogs

Home Rental Management Fees

Reasons Tenants Want Early Termination of Lease Agreement

Due to some reasons, tenants leave before the lease is up. Here’s a review of tenant rights in Oklahoma to break a lease without further obligation for the rent.

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Rental Cash Flow Calculator

What Results After Section 8 Housing Inspection?

It is obvious that the result can be pass or fail. However, there is the next option too. After the completion of the inspection, the inspector has three options.

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5 Day Notice to Quit Oklahoma

How To Serve a 5 Day Notice to Quit Oklahoma?

The 5 day notice to quit Oklahoma is a form that is used by the landlord to notify the tenant that they are in compliance with their lease due to violations.

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Frequently Asked Question About OKC Property Management

Property Management OKC Best Property Management Company (OKC Home Realty Services, LLC)

What does it cost to hire a property management company in Oklahoma City?

Do I really need a property manager?

It is subjective. You might need to hire a management company if: you have many rental investment properties to manage or if you really want to be benefited by taking the right rental decision. If so, You can opt for our professional property management services.

How do you deal with a bad property management company in OKC?

Check your Oklahoma City property management services agreement about the terms for terminating service with your property manager. It’s normal to have a certain term for the agreement, such as one year. However, if you try to leave that company during that one-year term, you may be penalized for doing so by Oklahoma City real estate law.

Check to find out what type of notice you need to provide to stop service. A 30-day written notice is standard.

OKC Home Realty Services requires a 30-day written notice to terminate service. A client may stop service with us at any time without financial penalty. We offer that to our clients because we offer a quality service, and we aren’t worried about losing clients.


What is the eviction process in Oklahoma City to remove a tenant from a rental property?

Note: This is not legal advice. There are two main reasons you may evict a tenant from the property. The overwhelming number of tenants are evicted due to nonpayment of rent. The other reason is due to any other lease violation. The first step in doing an eviction is to provide the proper notice to the tenant. Normally, that consists of serving a 5-day notice to quit. The property manager can serve the tenant the notice. However, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, it has been advisable for an eviction attorney to handle the rest of the eviction process. Read our article on Oklahoma eviction process to find out more details.

Renting Out Your Property

What is Section 8, and is it appropriate for your OKC rental property?

Section 8, a public housing program, is funded by the federal government through the department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Tenants must be able to prove their financial need. Your property must pass an inspection to insure that it meets minimum HUD housing standards set by Oklahoma city government bodies.

The rent is guaranteed by the OKC federal government. But, there are limits, particularly the rent an owner can charge.

But there are many properties in bread and butter neighborhoods that make perfect section 8 rentals, particularly if they are older but not that old, and rent for close to the maximum allowable rates for under the section 8 program.

Maintenance and Repairs

How can You keep maintenance costs down of OKC rental properties ?

OKC companies need to very careful about holding down maintenance costs.

Don’t overspend on unnecessary maintenance items. Don’t deferred rental property maintenance if it’s going to cost you more in the long run. For big expenses, shop price. There are some Oklahoma city, ok companies that make most of their profit on maintenance, buyer beware. You could invest in newer properties because older properties are prone to higher maintenance costs.

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