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Managing your Oklahoma City rental properties can be stressful with all the other jobs and responsibilities. If you are a property owner looking for a trustworthy property management company in Oklahoma City that can handle your rental properties and make steady profits, OKC Home Realty Services can be your right choice.

With years of experience, we have established ourselves as the leading property management company in Oklahoma. We serve both property owners and tenants with our professional rental management services. Whether you own single-family homes or multi-family properties, we offer professional services tailored to meet your expectations. Let us handle all the complexities of managing the properties while you enjoy the benefits of hassle-free property ownership.

OKC Home Realty Services provide comprehensive property management services that include Tenant Screening, Rent Collection, Lease Agreement Management, Maintenance & Repairs, Marketing & Advertising, Tenant Relations & Communication, Financial Management & Reporting, Eviction Assistance, Property Inspections along with Legal Compliance to local, state and federal laws. We offer affordable rental services to renters listing houses for rent in OKC and nearby cities regularly. Our service areas include Oklahoma City, Edmond, Bethany, Midwest City, Del City, Yukon, and Moore.

We also offer Section 8 rentals to individuals or families who qualify for government assistance through the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. So, grab your opportunity by concentrating on your budget as we make sure you get the property of your choosing.

oklahoma city property management

Who We Are

We are a Licensed Realtor owning the Oklahoma City property management company. OKC Home Realty services obeys all the laws set by the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission for Property Management. Our standing as one of the best property management companies in Oklahoma City is validated by “Expertise”.

Once you start working with us, you’ll quickly realize our extensive experience and experience in Oklahoma property management. Our results-driven services have helped landlords to find tenants in Oklahoma City metro areas minimizing their stress.

What Makes OKC Home Realty Services Different

We are a local, best property management company in OKC that understand the unique needs of property owners. With years of experience, we have a deep understanding of the local real estate market in Oklahoma City, OK. 

At OKC Home Realty Services, client satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we offer comprehensive services tailored to you. We embrace innovative technologies to streamline our property management processes. 

Our proactive approach to maintenance and repairs ensures that properties are well maintained, minimizing potential issues and maximizing tenant retention. Also, we also strive to foster positive relationships with tenants addressing their needs promptly to promote tenant satisfaction and reduce turnover.

what makes us different
  • 20+ Years of Experience in OKC Rental Market
  • Section 8 Rental Management
  • Low Vacancy
  • Transparent & Reliable Financial Reporting
  • Enough Bandwidth to be Effective
  • Keep You Involved in Decision-Making Regarding Maintenance
  • Responsive to Both Owners and Tenants
  • Experienced, Skilled Maintenance Technicians 
  • Easy Cancellation


Leasing Services

Fill vacancies as soon as possible

Find Best Tenants

Find the best, qualified tenants for your rental property

Eviction Guide

Provide you a rundown of the eviction process

Increase Revenue

Turn steady income & profit from your property

Home Maintenance

Offer full service for home repairs & maintenance

We Believe In Quality Services

Our approach is simple. We handle the day-to-day management of the properties with expertise level work. Whether you are a real estate investor, landlord, or tenant, we have your solution. We are only a call away!

Section 8 Guide

OKC Home Realty Services provide Section 8 guidelines to both homeowner and tenants. We have section 8 rentals in OKC for individuals or families looking for subsidized housing. Not only that, we also provide the costs rundown for making the section 8 property ready for housing inspection at any point along the way.

Property Management

We make sure we provide trustworthy property management services with a motive to maximize the income for the owner in a way that is fair for all parties concerned. Before screening tenants, we prepare a report that helps landlords with a clear picture of prospective tenants in order to make an inform decision while choosing tenants.

Rental Maintenance

We understand that no individual wants to be saddled with home maintenance issues, whether major or minor. That’s why we offer multiple convenient ways to report maintenance problems. Whether you prefer to call or submit a form, we always respond on time. Our maintenance response team is always available 24/7 to ensure that your maintenance requests are addressed swiftly and efficiently.

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Why People Choose OKC Home Realty Services

Communication. Trust. Return on Investment.

We make sure that our clients keep turning steady profits without any hassles. We are a well-recognized property management LLC in OKC that offers Leasing services and performs careful tenant screening process to make sure that our clients never get stuck with terrible tenants.

A wrong decision in the OKC property market can negatively affect your investment properties permanently. That’s why you need a professional OKC property manager who offers full service running from renting, repairs and maintenance to tenant screening. With the help of our experts, you’ll never make a wrong decision. Contact Property Management OKC for any kind of rental management services.



We return calls/emails within 24 hours. You can schedule a call or fill up the form so that we can respond to you as soon as possible.

Efficient Leasing

Efficient Leasing

Reduce the vacancy rate for your rental property. Our average rental vacancy rate is 4.6% for single family homes.

Careful Tenant Screening

Careful Tenant Screening

Quality tenant to your home is our top priority. For us, it’s more crucial to put the right tenant in your rental home than earning a leasing fee.

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Affordable, Effective Maintenance and Repairs

Our labor rate is below market. Or, use you home warranty. We maintain rental properties in a good state, ensuring they are safe and healthy to live in.

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Here’s what our valued customers have to say about us. Please take a moment to read the testimonials of our clients.


wendell flynt


1 year ago

As a Owner I really appreciate Scott and his staff in all regards to managing my rental portfolio. Especially pleased with the meticulous process in regards to leasing new tenants.


John Cunningham


1 year ago

I have OKC Home Realty Services managing all of my properties. I found Scott in 2018 when I was researching section 8 rentals. I found his work on Google and got in touch with him. He answered a lot of my questions with no obligation. I kept him in mind and when it was time to make a change in property management, he was the first person I came to. He's been managing my properties for 4 months now and I'm really liking the service. Everything is electronic which speeds everything up and increases accuracy, communication is quick and effective, and it seems to be a good balance of owner involvement in decision-making freeing up more of my time. If you are looking for great property management in OKC and surrounding areas, I highly recommend Scott's team.


Ovadia Goldman


1 year ago

Scott and his team are very professional, knowledgeable, insightful and easy to work with. They are helpful in every step of the way. They respond to and care for not only the property owners but equally for the renter. I appreciate and highly recommend their services.


A.K. Herber


1 year ago

I have been working with OKC Home Realty to manage my property for 2 years now. They are thorough and responsive to me the owner as well as ensuring that they bring the tenants' concerns to me for a mutual resolution. I originally planned only to use them for property management while I was out of the greater OKC area, but now, even when moving back, I have no plans to change my agreement with them. Their time, effort, and transparency is evident and I will continue to use them for my property management for the foreseeable future.


Grace Mehm


1 year ago

I've used their service for multiple years and they have done phenomenally. They've set the bar high for property managers and I wish they had multiple locations so that whenever I buy a house in a different state they could manage it too. I like how they call beforehand to see if I approve fixes/updates to the house. They keep me well informed. I've had the luxury of being a landlord and not having to give my place a second thought because of these guys. That's what you want. 👌🏻


Ken Rodrod


1 year ago

I am so completely thankful and appreciative of this company! We got approved very quickly and are moving in a week! The staff was very helpful and the maintenance man very helpful and the office staff was amazing. I really appreciate how they take the time to answer all our questions and never rush me to get off the phone when I call. The home we view was beautiful and we fell in love instantly with the beautiful back yard and bedroom. I can definitely see us renting form this company for a while! Thank you so much!


LaHonta Baker


Jul 24, 2019

OKC Home Realty Services is everything you need in a property management company. You have to trust them especially if you are out of state. Do a good job of renting your properties and handling tenants. Getting any repairs or problems resolved as quickly as possible. This is what the OKC Home Realty Services experience has been for me. You should definitely check them out for any property management needs.


deborah lindley


Mar 22, 2019

I've been very impressed with the response time, the customer service, the attention to detail and how this company is willing to work with people on an individual basis and get their rentals the way they need to be. Thank you to Francis, Scott, Dexter and all the folks at OKC Home Realty Servics.

When Should You Hire Property Managers in Oklahoma City?

Managing rental properties on your own can be stressful and time-consuming. If you’re facing any of these situations, then it’s time that you consider OKC property management companies.

multiple properties

Multiple Properties

Juggling between multiple properties can be challenging and time consuming.


Distance from the Property

Living far from your rental property makes it hard to address issues and requests promptly.

maintenance repairs

Maintenance & Repairs

Addressing maintenance & repairs requests, coordination, monitoring can be overwhelming.

time and

Lack of Time and Expertise

Managing rentals requires expertise and time commitment.

tenant management

Tenant Management

Dealing with tenant, screening, rent collection, addressing complaints requires lot of time and patience.

legal compliance

Legal Compliance

Learning and ensuring compliance with all the legal requirements to avoid legal issues.

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