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How much is the leasing fee for OKC Home Realty Services to lease your property?

The leasing fees include all the advertising, showing the property, taking applications, screening the applications, taking a security deposit, and putting the tenant on a 12-month lease.  WE CHARGE ONE-HALF MONTH OF RENT FOR THE LEASING FEE.  

We collect the leasing fee from the first month of rent that the tenant pays.  So, you don’t pay any up-front cost to start service.  We also guarantee the tenant, so that if they move out during the 12-months of the lease term, we replace that tenant at no additional cost to you.

How much is the management fee for OKC Home Realty Services, LLC to manage your property?

Property management includes collecting the rent, taking requests from the tenant for items such as for maintenance and making sure they get done, and providing the accounting.  

We provide a number of options for the tenant to pay their rent, including making on-line payments.  We make arrangements to get the maintenance done.  The accounting is provided in an itemized monthly statement.  The monthly statement shows all the expenses and income from the last 30 days.  And, it has copies of any invoices.  

WE CHARGE 10% OF THE RENT AS A MANAGEMENT FEE UP TO A MAXIMUM OF $100 PER MONTH PER UNIT.  So, if your house rents for $1,300 per month, the management fee would be $100.  Most OKC property management companies don’t offer flat fee management.  

How long are you locked into the property management agreement with OKC Home Realty Services?

In accordance with Oklahoma contract law, there needs to be a specific term for the management agreement.  So we make that term one year.  However, we also put in a 30-day cancellation clause.  If you are not happy with our service or you want to do something different with your property, we aren’t going to try to force you to do something you don’t want to do.  So you can cancel at any time just by providing the 30-day notice.  And, there is no financial penalty for terminating service.  That’s in writing. 

What is the process of starting service with OKC Home Realty Services?

It’s a very simple process to start service with OKC Home Realty.  

  1. Schedule Phone Appointment, call, or submit request online.  Get your questions answered.  Provide information to us to complete the property management agreement.  
  2. Enter Property Management Agreement.  You will receive the property management agreement to your email for electronic signature.  The whole process takes just a few minutes.  

  3. Collect Rental Income.  Use our systems to keep the rents coming in and the expenses down.

If you are unhappy with your current property management company, what do you need to know about terminating them to move to another property management company?

Check your OKC property management companies’ management agreement about the terms for terminating service with your property management company.  It’s normal to have a certain term for the agreement, such as one year.  However, if you try to leave that company during that one-year term, you may be penalized by the property management company for doing so.  

Check to find out what type of notice you need to provide to stop service.  A 30-day written notice is standard.  

OKC Home Realty Services requires a 30-day written notice to terminate service.  A client may stop service with us at any time without financial penalty.  We offer that to our clients because we offer a quality service, and we aren’t worried about losing clients.  

How long does it take OKC Home Realty to rent out a property?

For a rental property to rent quickly, the property needs to be priced appropriately, in rent ready and clean condition, and marketing and showings handled appropriately.  If all these items are correct, you should expect something in the 30-day range, but there are no guarantees.  

What if the tenant OKC Home Realty approves for the property, and moves in, doesn’t stay the full 12 months of the lease?

If we locate a tenant for your property and they don’t stay the full initial lease term, we will locate another tenant for the property at no additional cost to you.  We offer this guarantee because we have good success in finding tenants who abide by the leasing agreement.  Tenants don’t always stay the full lease term, and if the don’t, you are covered.

When do you get paid from OKC Home Realty?

Our cut-off date for statements is the 10th of the month.  We chose that date to allow for as much rent as possible to be included for payment to owners.  It would be great if all tenants paid by the 1st, but the truth is that many pay late.  Between the 1st and 10th, we enter all bills and other items in preparation to prepare statements.  It takes a few days to audit the information.  So, we usually have the statements ready to print and pay by the 12th or the 13th of each month.  


What monthly property management reports should you receive every month to make sure the accounting is correct?

The itemized monthly statement provided by your OKC property management company should include all the income and expenses since the last statement period.  And, it should have copies of all invoices and receipts.  Every month, OKC Home Realty will provide you with an itemized monthly statement that includes copies of all invoices and receipts.  Click here to get more details on the itemized monthly statements provided.  


What is the eviction process in Oklahoma City to remove a tenant from a rental property?

Note:  This is not legal advice.  There are two main reasons you may evict a tenant from property.  The overwhelming number of tenants are evicted due to nonpayment of rent.  The other reason is due to any other lease violation.  The first step in doing an eviction is to provide the proper notice to the tenant.  Normally, that consists of serving a 5-day notice to quit.  OKC property management companies can serve the tenant the notice.  However, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, it has been advisable for an eviction attorney to handle the rest of the eviction process. Read this Article to find our more details about the eviction process in Oklahoma

What are the items that Oklahoma City property management agreements need to address?

In order to start service with OKC property management companies, you must have a property management agreement in place.  Here are a list of items that must be addressed in that agreement:


For more information about each of these aspects, refer to this article about OKC property management agreements 

Investing in Oklahoma City

Why should you invest in Oklahoma City rental real estate?

Oklahoma City has a national reputation as an excellent market in which to invest in real estate.  Here are the reasons for that reputation:  

#1. Overall Growth and Stability of the Real Estate Market

#2. Quality of Life Improvements

#3. Rental Rates versus Sales Price

#4. Oklahoma is a Pro-Landlord State.

#5.  Strong Rental Demand

For additional details on each of these five items, refer to the article about why Oklahoma City is an excellent market in which to invest in real estate.  


When is the best time for property management companies to inspect the rental property?

It’s essential to keep eyes on your rental property periodically. The trick is not to overdo it, because that will cost you too much money and needlessly bother the tenant.  It’s recommended that periodic maintenance inspections and/or walk thoughts be done by your OKC property manager.  Refer to this article on performing inspections on your OKC rental property

Renting Out Your Property

How can you quickly lease out your OKC rental property?

Here is a short list of the things OKC property management companies should do to quickly lease properties: 

We follow up on the leads as they come in.  We are responsive and return communications.  

We get partner agencies Involved, like Section 8 housing and other housing providers.  

Sometimes we offer move-in specials.  

We monitor response to your advertising.  

We start advertising as soon as you know you will have a vacancy.  

We make it easy for the prospective tenant to apply for the property.

To read more details about each of these details, go to the article.  

What is Section 8, and is it appropriate for your OKC rental property?

Section 8, a public housing program, is funded by the federal government through the department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Tenants must be able to prove their financial need.  Your property must pass an inspection to insure that it meets minimum HUD housing standards.  

The rent is guaranteed by the federal government. But, there are limits, particularly the rent an owner can charge.  

But there are many properties in bread and butter neighborhoods that make perfect section 8 rentals, particularly if they are older but not that old, and rent for close to the maximum allowable rates for under the section 8 program.  

To find out more details, go to the article about what Section 8 in Oklahoma City includes.

What does it take for an Oklahoma City rental property to pass a Section 8 inspection?

The bottom line is that everything in a household must work.  The property must be completely ready to move in on the spot, with all utilities on and appliances installed.  

For more details on what it takes to pass a Section 8 inspection in Oklahoma City, read the article.  

What should you do to make sure you don’t wind up with a terrible Oklahoma City tenant?

Here are some of the essential items OKC property management companies should include in any tenant screening:

  1. Criminal Background.  It’s fairly easy to check their criminal background.  Go to the website,  
  1. Take-home Pay.  Take home pay be three times the rent.

3. Landlord Reference.  Rental history over the last year in terms of being a renter.  

4. Credit Score.  Run credit if the rent exceeds $900 per month plus).  

For more details on how to avoid getting a terrible Oklahoma City tenant, go to this article. 

How do you figure out the rental price for your OKC rental property?

Most landlords and OKC property managers list their rentals for lease on or  That makes it an excellent place to find comparable rental properties.  That is, homes or apartments with similar numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, construction, etc., near your rental property.  

Look at the photos of these properties to be sure the updates are similar, also.   

Property Management OKC Plus establishes the initial rental price for OKC rental properties using this information, but also using our extensive library of rental prices.

Then, our system tracks the response to that advertising.  

To read more about how our OKC property management company establishes rental price, refer to this article.

Maintenance and Repairs

How do you get an Oklahoma City rental property ready to rent?

If your property is 15-years old or less, they usually don’t need updates other than possibly paint and carpet to make ready for rent.  

If your property is 40+ years old (built prior to the 1970’s) and hasn’t been updated in a long time, chances are, the kitchen and bathroom are very dated.  Get the house thoroughly checked out (plumbing, electrical, and/or heat and air) to find out if there are hidden problems that need to be addressed.  The remodel may be very expensive.  

If a tenant has lived in an Oklahoma City rental property for more than about 3 or 4 years, you’ll likely have to repaint it.  And, replace carpet.

Go to this article for many more details and tips on making your OKC rental property ready for rent

How can You keep maintenance costs down?

OKC property management companies need to very careful about holding down maintenance costs.  

Don’t overspend on unnecessary maintenance items.  Don’t deferred rental property maintenance if it’s going to cost you more in the long run.  For big expenses, shop price.  There are some property management companies that make most of their profit on maintenance, buyer beware. You could invest in newer properties because older properties are prone to higher maintenance costs.  

Refer to this article for more details and tips on holding the costs of your maintenance down

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Nicholas Lindley

Very prompt maintenance service. Thank you.

on Google, Mar 15, 2019

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This place is the best , the employees are so helpful and informative. The maintenance is superb and they’re friendly as well

on Google, Mar 15, 2019

Alexandria Plato

This place is the best , the employees are so helpful and informative. The maintenance is superb and they’re friendly as well

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The gentleman that came is so wonderful. Gets the job done so quickly.

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Machelle Thomas

Hello okc home realty. . Maintenance man Robert, was excellent…..he was respectful…..professional …. An does great work as being a maintenance man…. He clean^s up after himself….. He does a wonderful job as repair^s….very kind and polite. …i would recommend okc home realty to the whole world if I could…. I^M glad they accepted me and LEM as a resident….. Glad we found okc home realty…… I love okc home realty.. .. Y’all have

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This is the first time, my request was met in a timely manner. I thank you.

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Communication.  Trust.  Return on Investment.

Yours with OKC Home Realty Services.




Returned calls/emails within 24 hours

Efficient Leasing

Reduce your vacancy rate. Average OKC Home Realty vacancy rate 4.6% for single-family homes.

Careful Tenant Screening

When it’s more important to put the right tenant in your home than it is to just earn a leasing fee.

Affordable, Effective Maintenance and Repairs

Labor rate below market. Or, use your home warranty.

property management okc investement strategy

You have never hired an Oklahoma City property management company before.

You are unhappy with your OKC property management company.

Military services members with a house you want to rent out.

Why Property Management OKC Plus has your best interest at heart

Hello, My name is Scott Nachatilo, and I own OKC Home Realty Services, LLC. 
But my first experiences as a landlord was managing my own properties.
And it did not go well.
In fact, it was a nightmare.because I didn’t properly screen my tenants.

I spent the first ten years of my career as a landlord learning the ins and outs of property management the hard way.

Sure, I had them fill in an application. But I did not have a reliable system for screening the applications.

I had to evict many tenants.  

I hired handymen but you don’t closely supervise them.

Occasionally, I was tempted to sell all my properties along the way, but I kept at it.

I kept at it because I could see the rents go up, mortgages pay down, and property values increase.

And gradually, I became a better and better property manager.


Then, in 2007, I decided to start an Oklahoma City property management company.

The idea was simple: Create the most effective systems for every aspect of Oklahoma City property management.  Hire and train staff who know exactly what to do to make it run smoothly.  The intension was to create one of the best OKC property management companies.  


Property Management OKC Plus is a team of professionals focused on managing properties like yours.

we are an investor focused.  

We have a culture of asking how we can keep the rents coming in and the expenses down.  And those decisions make a difference for the bottom line of our clients.  And return on investment.  

Sure, there are other OKC property management companies.  We may not be the best option for you. 

But here are some things we have learned along the way:

  • We have to be willing to give our clients bad news, no matter what.  Houses don’t always rent for what clients think they should.  Sometimes it makes more sense to drop the rent.  
  • If we screw up, we need to admit the mistake and make amends.  One thing is for sure, everyone makes mistakes in this business.  But not everyone is honest.  
  • We need to treat people well and with respect.  That means clients, tenants, employees, and vendors.  
  • We are not the best fit for every owner.  So we make it easy to part ways if we find out we aren’t a good match.  
  • Every day, we strive to learn something new.  There have been rental properties as long as there have been cities.  But things change in the business all the time.  Property management OKC Plus strives to keep up the latest technologies, etc., to give our owners and tenants the best experience we can. 

So, we’re willing to sacrifice many things, but not ethics.

But it takes more than ethics to be among the best OKC property management companies.

It takes a commitment to finding a better way.

Rental properties are not that much different than they were 30 years ago.

Perhaps the biggest change has been technology.

Property Management OKC Plus (dba under OKC Home Realty Services, LLC) embraces technology while many OKC property management companies still have not.

It changes the way tenants pay rent. 

It changes the way we find tenants. The single biggest source of leads comes from on-line advertising.

It changes the way prospective tenants see properties.  

It’s just part of what we do to help our clients find a better way.

Reliable Property Management Service in OKC you can trust

Our professional team will manage your property who have years of hand on this field. We are expert on addressing tenant’s issues with timely solution. Fill your units with proper screening of tenants.