Eliminate Your Rental Property Headaches
By Hiring a Property Management Company

Are your rental properties are becoming too much to handle?

Every call from the tenant, unpaid rent, maintenance call, eviction is another needle.

It might make sense to hire a property management company, but can you can afford it?


The stress is taking a tole.

It makes it hard to really relax because problems seem to crop up at the worst time. 

You owe it to yourself to consider hiring a property management company.

An excellent company can help you be more profitable due to increased efficiency.

Like you, I am a real estate investor. I struggled for years doing it all, from maintenance calls to evictions, while I was also working a full time job. I quit my job to focus on real estate full time. 

I created a company to manage my own 66 properties and my clients. Now, my clients and I have reasonable expenses and low vacancy.

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How We can Help You to be Successful

1. Call me to pick my brain about specific challenges you are having right now. 
2. Schedule a face-to-face consultation to discuss what’s going on with your properties and brainstorm specific solutions or answer questions you might have.
3. Meet with us at one of your properties to brainstorm solutions to specific problems and answer any questions you might have.

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    Many years ago, I did my own taxes.

    They became more complicated as my life got more complicated.

    I love do-it yourself, but it didn’t make sense for me to do it myself anymore.

    It took me much, much longer to do than a tax professionals.

    The tax professional I used showed me deductions I wasn’t taking that saved me enough money that those deductions paid for the cost of the service.

    Instead of spending my time working on taxes, I could focus on doing what I did best making money.  And with my family.

    It’s the same thing with property management.

    And I understand the do-it yourself sentiment.

    It always seems like the cash flow is too tight, and you can’t afford to pay a property management company.

    But even if you manage the property by yourself, you are still paying for it.

    That’s because it takes your time.

    That is time you can’t spend doing something you are good at, such as your job.

    Or, spending time with your family.

    And, what happens when something goes wrong?

    Let’s face it, there are so many things that can go wrong for landlords:

    • Your tenants may stop paying the rent.  You may have not done a good job screening the tenants, or they may just be having bad luck.  But now it’s your problem.  You are going to have to evict the tenant.
    • When your property becomes vacant, you need to have people come in to do the make ready.  Hopefully, they will not tear up the property.  It may need to be repainted, it may need flooring, and it will certainly need to be cleaned.  Are you going to be in a position to get the work done?  How will you ensure that you aren’t ripped off by your contractor?
    • Your property may need maintenance, and you immediately need to have repair people addressing the problems.  And, you don’t want to be raked over the coals on price.   Do you have a maintenance solution lined up when the tenant calls with problems?

    What is a property management responsible for?

    A property management company is responsible for making sure your property is earning earning income, and is being properly maintained.

    You get the benefits of owning rental property without the headaches of dealing with tenants.

    In other words, you hire OKC Home Realty Services to handle all those hassles for you.

    We can take all the headaches off your plate.

    The rest of this article has specific facts about how OKC Home Realty Services can make owning your rental property a breeze.

    Getting properties leased: Quick Work Done Carefully.  

    Getting a property leased needs to be done quickly so that the property doesn’t sit vacant too long.  It also needs to be done carefully so that we put the right person into the property.

    The three most important things to getting this done are:

    #1. The Property Needs to be Ready to Rent

    The property must be ready to rent.  That means the make ready is done. That means the property is clean and smells fresh.

    We don’t show half-finished projects; the make ready must be done.  Tenants want to see a property that’s clean and move-in ready.

    #2. Rent and Deposit must be Right

    The second thing is that the rent and deposit must be appropriately priced.

    If the rent is priced too high, the best tenant prospects will not be interested.  People won’t go to see the property no matter how good it looks.

    We take the time to evaluate every property carefully compared to other properties.

    #3. The Marketing Must be Right

    The third part is the marketing.

    For the most part, we use:

    • All the websites the bring us a ton of leads, including Facebook, Trulia, Zillow, Craigslist, GoSection8, and others,
    • Good signs with our website address,
    • Our tenant referral network which includes our agency contacts, and
    • Automated showing appointment system.

    We generally start to advertise the property even before the tenant moves out.  We also track our results once we start advertising so we know if our pricing is off track.

    What makes us different from other companies is that we have an automated showing appointment system.  This is cutting-edge technology, and it works like a charm to follow up faster with prospective renters than we have ever been able to before.  And once we have them in the system, the system automatically follows up with those people until they have made a decision.

    And lastly, we answer our phone and do follow up to people who want to talk with a human being instead of our automated system.  Either way, we have it covered.

    Maintenance costs are Reasonable. 

    Even if your property is almost new, you are going to have some maintenance that will be required.

    Getting maintenance right is critical.  If the landlord doesn’t fix items in the property that really need it, the tenants will be very unhappy.  If those items aren’t fixed properly, they may be ongoing problems that end up costing a fortune because the work needs to be done a second time.

    Maintenance costs can be a huge deal if the management company is lining their pockets at your expense.  In fact, the number one reason owners leave other management companies and sign on with us is due to excessive maintenance costs.

    We take a pride in doing top-notch work at a reasonable price.  I groom and train specialists in electrical, plumbing, and heat and air.  These guys know what they are doing. We charge a much more reasonable rate for maintenance work.  In so doing, we solve problems effectively AND save money for our owners.

    We hire them on as employees.  We pay their workman’s comp insurance so if they are injured on the job at your property their hospital bills will be covered.

    What about the management agreement?

    If a company manages your property, you must enter into a management agreement with that company.  We will require such an agreement if we manage your property.

    Be careful of management companies that won’t allow you to stop service for any reason with a 30-day notice.  Once they sink their teeth into you they won’t let go.

    But what makes us different is that if you want to end the contract with us at any time – for any reason, just give us notice. Done.

    We won’t tie your hands with some sneaky gotcha clauses in the management agreement.  If you want to do something different with your property, we will not stand in your way.  That’s my promise.

    And, you will never be charged a single dime for cancelling service with our company.

    Why can I make this offer?  It’s because so few people leave us.

    Here’s why you need to call OKC Home Realty Servies today

      • OKC Home Realty Services has the highest google rating of any property management company in the OKC metro area with more than 60 reviews.  Check out google reviews. It’s really hard to fake google reviews.


      • Tenants stay with us a long time.  Our average tenant has been with us for 3 years 4 months.  Call our office. You’ll notice that we answer the phone. Tenant’s like that.


      • We are very good at leasing.  OKC Home Realty Services has 14 key ways to market properties.


      • We keep maintenance costs down while providing top-notch service.


      • We rent all types of residential properties, from Section-8 rentals to executive homes.


    I know change is unsettling, but having the wrong property management company is somewhat like being in a bad marriage.  Just be careful, no matter what you end up doing. Want more information? Give me a call.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does property management cost?

    Our company does charge a management fee and a leasing fee.  Those rates depend upon a few factors.  If you will call, we can quote you exact pricing

    What is the upfront cost?

    You will have not one dime of upfront cost for our property management service.  We deduct management fees and leasing fees from the first rents paid by the tenant.

    How much will the property lease for?

    Most of the time, we have to visit your property to give you an accurate estimate of the amount a property will lease for.  OKC Home Realty Services, LLC is happy to schedule a time to meet with you at your property.  Please call our office to schedule a time.

    How long will it take to lease the property?

    It is always best to NOT show your property until it is 100% ready to show.  That means all work is complete, and your property has been cleaned.
    With that being said, we will start to advertise the property 2-3 weeks before it becomes vacant if we think there isn’t going to be too much work that needs to be done on your property.
    But if it’s a case of the tenant being in your property for five years, we know there is going to be some items we’ll need to take care of.  In that case, we usually don’t do prior advertising.
    Exactly how long will it take to lease once that is done?  It depends on a number of factors.
    For the average property, 30 days is a good average time to lease a property.
    What we can tell you is that we have a proven track record of leasing properties quickly.
    For more information on what we do to lease properties quickly, click here.

    How much do we charge for maintenance and make ready work?

    We do have maintenance personnel on staff.  Our capabilities are diverse, and consist of such things as plumbing, heat and air, and electrical.
    We charge for maintenance on a hourly basis.
    The charges depend upon what we have to do.
    I can tell you that our hourly rate is about half of what well-know local property management charges.
    Our rates if you have a specific task you are asking about.
    Sometimes, we hire outside contractors, particularly if it’s going to be a big job.
    In that case, we’ll likely obtain multiple bids on your behalf.
    How long does it take to complete make readies?
    OKC Home Realty Services, LLC completes make readies just as soon as we possibly can.
    Sometimes there is just a little bit of work to do.  Sometimes we have a huge list of things.
    We have a 5-step process for completing make readies.

    When to do we pay our clients the rents that come in?

    We prepare your monthly statements at the beginning of each month.
    The itemized monthly statement consists of any income from your rental property and also any expenses for properties over the last 30 days.
    We target sending out your statement between the 10th and 13th of the month, depending upon where the weekend falls.
    You can read more about how we prepare our monthly statements by clicking here.  

    What about responsiveness?

    When you call, we answer the phone.  We also make sure to answer the phone to address tenants issues.
    If there is an issue, we want both to feel confident that we are on top of it.
    We do our best to call back the same day.
    However, we will definitely return calls and/or respond in some what within 24 hours.
    For that very reason we have a weekend emergency maintenance number.  After all, a tenant doesn’t want to have to wait several days to a get problem resolved that can’t wait, such as not having AC in the summer, or having a clogged toilet on a Saturday.

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