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Property Management OKC Plus is a team of professionals focused on managing properties like yours.

Property Management OKC  has an investor focus.  

We have a culture of asking how we can keep the rents coming in and the expenses down.  And those decisions make a difference for the bottom line of our clients.  And return on investment.  

Sure, there are other OKC property management companies.  We may not be the best option for you. 

But here are some things that I’ve learned along the way:

  • We have to be willing to give our clients bad news, no matter what.  Houses don’t always rent for what clients think they should.  Sometimes it makes more sense to drop the rent.  
  • If we screw up, we need to admit the mistake and make amends.  One thing is for sure, everyone makes mistakes in this business.  But not everyone is honest.  
  • We need to treat people well and with respect.  That means clients, tenants, employees, and vendors.  
  • We aren’t the best fit for every owner.  So we make it easy to part ways if we find out we aren’t a good match.  
  • Every day, we strive to learn something new.  There have been rental properties as long as there have been cities.  But things change in the business all the time.  Property management OKC Plus strives to keep up the latest technologies, etc., to give our owners and tenants the best experience we can. 

So, we’re willing to sacrifice many things, but not ethics

  • But it takes more than ethics to be a great OKC property management company.
  • It takes a commitment to finding a better way.
  • Rental properties are not that much different than they were 30 years ago.
  • Perhaps the biggest change has been technology.
  • We embrace technology.
  • It changes the way tenants pay rent. 
  • It changes the way we find tenants. The single biggest source of leads comes from on-line advertising.
  • It changes the way prospective tenants see properties.  
  • It’s just part of what we do to help our clients find a better way.

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