Scott Nachatilo

Property Management Expert | 27+ Years


Who is Scott Nachatilo?

Hello, my name is Scott Nachatilo. I am the owner-operator of OKC Home Realty Services, LLC, specializing in real estate management in Oklahoma.

In this role, I am dedicated to helping real estate investors manage their rental properties and optimizing their investments.

My journey in the real estate realm began in 1996 when my wife Stefani and I ventured into the world of property ownership, acquiring our first rental property in the heart of Oklahoma City. Since then, I’ve built a robust portfolio consisting of single-family homes and small apartment properties.

With over 27 years of experience, I’ve consistently delivered outstanding results by maximizing property performance, leading to notable increases in occupancy rates, revenue, and overall asset value.

My journey in real estate is not just about transactions and investments; it’s about contributing to the growth and well-being of the community I call home.

Areas of Interest

My primary areas of interest and expertise are:

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In 2006, My wife, Stefani, and I penned the book “Weekend Warriors Guide to Real Estate,” summarizing our journey of buying, fixing, leasing, and selling properties in Oklahoma City.

About OKC Home Realty Services

OKC Home Realty Services, is a trustworthy Property Management Company, a licensed realtor that provides rental services, landlord-tenant guides, eviction guides, and e-books to empower people to take realistic steps toward real estate investment. Our company obeys all the laws set by the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission for Property Management. Learn more about our leasing services and property management services.