No property owner should have only partial information when they are considering such an important financial decision as whether or not to hold onto this property as an investment or to sell it off.

Like you, I once had to decide if I should become a real estate investor. It was not an easy decision because I understand that money and credit are at risk.

But, there is also the potential for handsome returns.

Give yourself a score from 1 to 5 for each question, 1 means you completely disagree with the statement/question and 5 means you totally agree. Note: We don’t save any of the responses to these questions. All your responses are strictly confidential.

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1. If you had to make a wild guess, do you think your house would rent for more than $1,400 per month?

2. The mortgage payment is probably going to be more than the monthly rent.

3. I’m going to lose sleep worrying about tenants tearing up my house.

4. A $500 repair bill for this property is going to cause major problems with my finances.

5. If I don’t have any rent coming from the property for a month or two, I may not be able to make the house payment.

6. I want to get whatever money I can out of this property ASAP. I’m not interested in holding onto it for a greater return over time.

7. Diversifying my investments into real estate is not a priority for me.