Edmond city is also known for its beautiful neighborhood and lifestyle. Living in Edmond provides a comfortable and secure feeling for residents. It is a great place to live for people who work in OKC but don’t want to live in OKC. 


Although the homeowner rate in Edmond City is 68.4% ( higher than the national average), there is plenty of market for rental properties in Edmond City. If you hire OKC Home Realty Services, you could become an owner of a successful rental property. 


OKC Home Realty Services is a property management company in OKC. But, we manage houses all over the Oklahoma Metropolitan Area. People trust us to manage their property in every part of the Oklahoma Metropolitan Area.


Edmond is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in Oklahoma. So, many people want to come and live here. As the population of the city grows, so does the real estate market. So, an investment property in Edmond City will have a lot of potential.


But, there are plenty of rental properties that failed because their owners wanted to manage their property on their own despite having no professional experience in managing a  property.


If you have a rental property, never make that mistake. Hire OKC Home Realty Services and enjoy your profits. 

OKC Home Realty Service provides you with the best services to rent your place in Edmond

    • We Do Background Check - Our services include a complete background check on tenants. This includes everything that is necessary ( criminal records, income status, e.t.c. ) while choosing a good tenant for your property. 
    • We Help You With Landlord Tenants Law - We have full knowledge and understanding regarding landlord and tenant law. This will ensure that every matter that can be taken to the court can be sorted out in your favor.
    • We Advertise Your Property - We attract tenants by advertising your property so that the properties are occupied as soon as possible. This will give you more free time as we will do the work for you in a very professional way. 
    • We Take Care of The Agreements - We make sure that the terms and conditions of the agreements also meet your needs.


    • We Make Landlord Tenant Relationships Better - We're capable of keeping a  good bond with the tenants so that they respect the policy of your house and not vandalize the property.
    • We Take Care of Property’s Maintenance - We take care of all the repairs and maintenance and ensure that the property is clean and comfortable for the renters to live in. We are available for emergency maintenance for tenants as well.
    • We Take Landlords’ Permission Seriously - We ensure that every single change made in your property will not be done without your permission. We will also keep you up to date if any changes are required ASAP.
    • We Ensure that You’ll Have Good Reputation - All of our services will improve the reputation of your property and ensure that the neighbors also have a good relationship with you and your renters.



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Is Edmond City safe?

The crime rate in the city is 55% lower than Oklahoma’s national crime rate. It has the least violent crime rate, least property crimes

Is renters insurance required before signing a lease in Edmond city?

Yes, residents are responsible to show proof of renters insurance before signing a lease.

What is the average rent in Edmond Ok?

The average rent in Edmond city is $942, increased by around 2% than the previous but still, it’s quite affordable.

How far is Edmond from Oklahoma city, Ok?

The Edmond city is 22.63 km i.e. around 14.06 miles far from Oklahoma City, which takes about 21 min while going through roadways whereas if you are going through the airways, Edmond City is only 20.90km i.e. 12.99 miles far from Oklahoma City.

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