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Oklahoma Renters Rights, Oklahoma Landlord Tenant Act 2023

As a landlord in Oklahoma, it is necessary and a must that you have a comprehensive understanding of your tenant’s rights. If you are aware of these rights, you will not only promote a fair and harmonious landlord-tenant relationship but also ensure compliance with state laws. In this article, we will explore the various aspects […]

What Is Rental Verification And How to Verify Tenant Rental History

The rental verification process is done when a landlord or a property manager contacts a prospective tenant’s previous landlord or property manager to confirm the rental history listed on their rental application. Rental verification plays a vital role in protecting the landlord’s property. It assesses the tenant’s responsibility and the likelihood of taking good care […]

What a Landlord Cannot Do

If you are a landlord or want to become one, you should know about this. A property owner might have much power over tenants. But in truth, both landlords and tenants have to abide by state landlord-tenant laws. While some state laws provide additional rights to one party over another, both parties must follow the […]

how to collect unpaid rent after a tenant moves out

Rent problems got you stressed? As a landlord, here’s what you need to know about your tenant moving out with unpaying the rent. When a tenant moves out of a rental property, there may be unpaid rent that the landlord needs to collect. Collecting unpaid rent from a tenant requires the landlord to follow the […]

how to run a credit check on tenants

Why running a credit check on tenants is a must-have for landlords. Learn the best practices for performing tenant credit checks to decide who to rent to. A credit check on a tenant is a process in which a landlord or a property manager reviews a potential tenant’s credit report to assess their financial responsibility […]

landlords guide to normal wear and tear in rentals

As a landlord, it’s crucial to distinguish between normal wear and tear and property damage in your rental property. The gradual deterioration occurs over time from the daily use of a property. When you hand over a property to the tenants, it may be hard to figure out the actual property damage and what is […]

how to deal with noise complaints

Annoyed by noise complaints in your rental property? You’re not alone about it. Noise complaints are common in every property, but there are different ways to resolve them. So, discover a series of strategies to deal with noise complaints effectively and respectfully. As a landlord, dealing with noise complaints can be a challenging and frustrating […]

questions to ask tenants references

Getting high-quality tenants into your rental property is crucial in order to maintain your rental income and the growth of your rental business. However, in order to get the ideal tenants, you have to go through a tedious process which is definitely worth it. There are some questions to ask tenant references which will help […]

how to choose a property management company

A rental property requires a proactive and professional level of property management to run daily activities smoothly. If you don’t have the time and motivation to manage your rental property independently, you should consider choosing a property management company. Hiring an OKC property management company can be time-consuming and fruitless unless you have some hacks […]