5 Steps Landlords Take After Evicting a Tenant in Oklahoma

what to do after evicting a tenant

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Eviction is the process of removing tenants or squatters from the property with legal procedure.  The process of evicting a tenant from a rental property is one of the most annoying and unpleasant tasks for property owners. Here is a full guide to Oklahoma Eviction Process. Take a look.

Sadly, getting the tenant out of the rental property is not the end. There are various actions a landlord must take to secure the property and prevent eviction in the future. Changing the door locks, home maintenance, and clearing garbage are just some things landlords must do. In this article, you will learn ” What to do after evicting a tenant”. We present easy steps that will help you avoid future evictions.

We can understand that eviction fees are costly. Aside from court fees, landlords probably do not get rental fees from tenants for months. So, removing a tenant from the rental property can be a huge comfort. However, the real struggle starts here. As a landlord, after evicting a tenant you need to focus on securing your rental house. There is this clean-up job that can give you expenses, time, and stress. 

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What to do after Evicting a Tenant? 

After the court serves an eviction order, two scenarios take place.

Best-case scenario: The tenant gets their stuff together and moves out of the property in a good condition. They hand back the keys, and both landlord and tenants part on friendly terms. 

Another scenario:  If you’ve had to take the tenant to court to evict them, then things might go ugly. Here is the thing, If the tenants refuse to leave, you need to arrive with someone from the sheriff’s department. They will manage the removal of the tenant and their belongings.

After you have gotten free of the tenant, it’s now time to get the property well-maintained and back into shape for your next tenant. What should a landlord do after evicting the tenant?

If your property is occupied by squatters then you need to follow legal procedures to remove them. Learn about squatters rights Oklahoma.

what to do evicting a tenant in oklahoma

5 Essential Steps to Take After a Tenant Eviction

Change the locks

The first step to take after evicting a tenant is to change the locks. Do not delay on this. It would be best if you change the lock immediately once the tenants vacate the property – not the next day or the day after. Who knows how many copies of keys a tenant has? So be aware of this.

Remember, you can’t change the locks before the court orders. You need to wait for that. Securing your rental property and preventing the tenant’s access to the property in a “self-help” eviction is illegal. In this case, the tenant has the right to sue you for wrongful eviction.

Check for any damages caused by the tenant

Make sure everything is working in an orderly manner. Sometimes tenants make damage the property once they knew about the eviction process.

In such a case, it is tough to prepare for Home Inspection. Due to the nature of the evidence, the relationship between landlord and tenant is terrible.

Landlords are authorized to keep the security deposits to cover all the expenses related to the violation of the contract. You can deduct tenants’ security deposits if any kind of damage is caused. For this, you need to report and prepare an itemized list of all damaged items, costs, and unpaid utilities. 

Repair the Rental Property

After the eviction process is completed, you may notice more damage than regular wear and tear. Getting the property ready-for-rent standard may require lengthy repairs. 

Make sure that your property is at an expert level of cleanliness and security before the potential tenant moves in. Keeping the property well-maintained will attract good renters.

Clean the Rental Property

The next step to perform after evicting a tenant is to clean the property completely. This is necessary even when a responsible tenant moves out. So, after getting rid of a troublesome tenant, cleaning is always required.  

A clean property will attract better tenants. Make sure that everything inside the rental property works well. Check every detail so that you won’t get any complaints from the tenant who has just moved in.

  • Check if the door handles work well and is not jammed. 
  • Check if the ceiling does not have any leakages or cracks.
  • Consider adding a residential window tint once it is fixed.
  • The glass is in good condition and well-seated in the frame. 
  • Recheck the light bulbs, electricity, and water suppliance. 

Perform Home Inspection

home inspection oklahoma

The last step is to do after evicting a tenant to inspect the rental unit. Assuring that everything is in working order will help make certain that future tenants are happy living there with no complaints.

A home inspection in Oklahoma is a necessary factor to analyze the quality of the home before renting it out. Having an inspection done before placing their rental property on the market can be a profit. The homeowner will have a chance to repair or upgrade the house which may increase the likelihood of a sale.

There are different types of home inspections. Among these, a Move-in Inspection is performed when a new tenant moves into the rental property. This inspection is done to create a record of the initial conditions of the rental property situation when the tenant moves in.

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How to Prevent Future Eviction?

As a landlord, you need to avoid evictions as much as possible. As you know prevention is better than cure, following are the preventions to be followed to stay away from eviction: 

Proper Tenant Screening

It is much easier to reject the tenants’ application during the tenant screening process than to evict them after. Here is the potential tenant screening process for your rental property. A better tenant screening process makes it easier to reject poor-quality tenants, which simply increases occupancy and reduces eviction in the future. 

You can take help from the property management company in OKC. They will guide you through the tenant screening process. They always contain that extra information which helps to make a good decision. 

Healthy Landlord-tenant Relationship

A great landlord-tenant relationship is necessary to maintain an excellent environment. If landlords have a good working relationship with tenants, they are more likely to respect them and the property. 

You need to encourage tenants to pay rent on time. Provide them with sufficient facilities. Not costly but essential amenities in the rental property. 

Consider cash for keys. If a tenant is in violation of the contract and you want them out, try offering a “cash for keys” arrangement. This is a cheaper and less time-consuming process than an eviction.

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Potential FAQs on What to do after Evicting a Tenant

Is evicting a tenant tough in Oklahoma?

Evicting an Oklahoma tenant can be very difficult because it's not always easy to prove. You need to go through various legal procedures.

When can landlords evict tenants in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, if a tenant does not pay rent on time, the landlord must provide the tenant with a notice for five days to pay the rent. If the landlord does not get the rent within 5 days, then the eviction process can legally proceed.

What to do after evicting a tenant?

After evicting a tenant, the first thing landlords need to do is change the locks. and then, focus on repairs and maintenance, home inspection, and much more.

How do I evict someone without a lease in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, landlords are allowed to evict a tenant who is renting without the benefit of a written lease, otherwise known as an “at-will” tenant, without cause. The process a landlord must follow to evict an “at-will” tenant depends upon the rental arrangement.

How does an eviction notice work?

This notice is given to the tenant if the tenant has in some way violated the lease. For example, a landlord could serve this notice on a tenant for failure to pay rent. In this case, the tenant would have 5 days to pay rent. If the landlord accepts any money from the tenant, the notice is canceled, and the landlord would have to serve another notice for the remaining balance of the rent. This is how an eviction notice works.

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