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The Oklahoma Lease Termination Notice is a document that allows a landlord or tenant to terminate the lease agreement in Oklahoma. Oklahoma state law requires at least 30 days’ notice for termination. However, state law doesn’t require any notice to be given to end fixed-term lease agreements(such as a 12-month lease) on their end date.

Why Lease Termination Notice?

The Lease Termination Notice is an easy way to end your rental lease agreement. Landlords or Tenants can submit the lease termination letter to communicate the date by which the rental properties should be vacated. For month-to-month leases, most states will require a 30-day termination notice. The Oklahoma lease termination notice can be given in a 30-day Notice to vacate, a 60-day notice to vacate, or a 90-day notice to vacate depending on the different circumstances.

When to Serve Notice of Termination of Lease?

The notice of termination of lease will be served if the tenant has broken any of the lease’s terms other than not paying the rent. If a tenant has not paid their rent, the landlord can use the Notice to Pay. The Lease Termination Letter informs the tenant that the lease has been broken and gives them a deadline to resolve the issue.

Things That Need to Be Included in Lease Termination Notice

The Oklahoma Lease Termination Notice must contain the date on which the Notice to Vacate is given, and the time frame in which the rental property should become vacant. Relevant information must be clearly indicated on the notice so that the other party is aware of its obligations. Here are some of the basic details that should be included in an Oklahoma Notice to Vacate:

Step 1: Enter the date in dd/mm/yy format.

Step 2: Notice Information:

  1. The name of the tenant or the person whom you intend to receive the notice.
  2. Their address i.e state, city, zip code
  3. Enter the name of the person providing notice to vacate
  4. Physical address i.e state, city, zip code

Step 3: Sender must read and understand the statement:

  1. Enter the address of the rental property for which you are serving to vacate.
  2. Enter the effective date with at least 30 days

Step 4: Signatures

  1. Make arrangements for walkthroughs and inspections of the premises.
  2. Enter the signature.

Requirements for Oklahoma Lease Termination Notice by Tenant

  • For a fixed-term lease, the lease will expire, regardless of its duration. When they wish to leave the unit before the duration of the lease expires, no notice is needed from the tenant. 
  • The tenant with a Month-to-Month Lease Agreement would need to provide the landlord with notice of 30 days before vacating the premises.
  • The tenant with a Week-to-Week Lease Agreement Would need to provide the landlord with notice of seven days before vacating the premises.

Types of Lease Termination Notice in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Termination of Lease agreement Letter from Landlord (End of Lease):

The notice is given by the landlord to the tenant to notice to vacate the premises, remove the tenants’ possession, and keys should be returned by a certain date. If the lease termination letter from the landlord is ignored by the tenant, The landlord may be forced to evict the tenants. That is, the move-out date mentioned in the termination notice has passed, you could possibly bring forth a lawsuit in “unlawful detainer”, in which the tenant could fight the eviction case in court.

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Oklahoma Termination of Lease agreement Letter from Landlord (Month-to-Month):

A landlord can use the Oklahoma thirty (30) day termination letter to cancel a month-to-month contract. The notification informs the other party of the sender’s intention to terminate the lease agreement and provides the notice provided by Oklahoma State law for a duration of thirty (30) days. Within thirty (30) days of the service date, the occupant must vacate the rental unit.
If they do not move out within that amount of time, by filing a “Forcible Entry and Detainer” action in court, the landlord can seek an eviction order.

Oklahoma Lease Termination Letter from Tenant(End of Lease)

In Oklahoma, no advance lease termination letter is needed at the end of a fixed-term contract, but sending a lease termination letter to the landlord is suggested

This Notice to vacate letter can be used when a tenant in Oklahoma wants to vacate the rental property once the lease has expired, or at the end of 30 days if the tenant doesn’t have a lease.

Oklahoma Lease Termination Letter from Tenant (Month-to-Month)

Oklahoma Tenant Notice to Landlords is also known as “30-day intent to vacate”. The Notice is given by the tenant to the landlord to inform them that they intend to vacate the rental property/premises and all of the possession over the property by a certain date.
Oklahoma Tenant Notice to Landlords can be used when a tenant has a month-to-month lease in Oklahoma.

FAQs: Things You Should Know About Lease Termination Letter

Is the lease termination same as the Eviction?

The lease termination and eviction are two different terms. A lease termination is a legally required document to terminate the lease agreement whereas eviction is the actual court process to remove the tenant from the premises.

Can the landlord end the Lease without using the Lease Termination Notice?

Only if you and the occupant have mutually agreed to prematurely terminate the lease and both have signed a formal agreement on the surrender of the lease.

Does the landlord need to file the Notice of Termination in the court?

No, the landlord mustn’t serve the lease termination notice to the court. The lease termination notice should only be served to the tenant and a copy of the termination notice should be kept in case you have to take the legal action.

What to do if the tenant refuses to leave the premises even after providing the termination notice?

The landlord can file as the “Forcible Entry and Detainer” in the court against the tenant who denies the leave the premises within the given date in the Lease Termination Notice.

Can the tenant deny the Lease termination Notice?

Yes , the tenant can deny the Lease Termination Notice showing different reasons such as the duration of the lease is still left.


The Oklahoma lease termination notice is similar to “Oklahoma Notice to Quit” and can be used to inform the tenants to vacate the premises after the end of the lease agreement. By knowing the Lease Termination Notice on the state where your property resides, You can better handle the lease termination conditions in the future.

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