5 Steps Landlords Take After Evicting a Tenant in Oklahoma

what to do after evicting a tenant

Eviction is the process of removing tenants or squatters from the property with the legal procedure.  The process of eviction of a tenant from a rental property is one of the most annoying and unpleasant tasks for property owners. Here is a full guide to Oklahoma Eviction Process. Take a look. Sadly, getting the tenant […]

Squatters Right: Oklahoma City Squatting Laws

Squatters Rights In Oklahoma

Notice: This is not legal advice. If need legal advice, seek out an attorney. Squatters’ rights come into play when someone that the property owner occupies the property without the owner’s permission. If you own a property in Oklahoma, it’s important to educate yourself about the squatter’s right (also known as Adverse Possession). The purpose […]

Oklahoma Lease Termination Notice

Lease Termination Notice

Notice: This is not legal advice. The author is not an attorney. To obtain legal advice about specific instances, contact an attorney. The Oklahoma Lease Termination Notice is a document that allows a landlord or tenant to terminate the lease agreement in Oklahoma. Oklahoma state law requires at least 30 days’ notice for termination. However, […]

5 Day Notice to Quit Oklahoma

5 day notice to quit Oklahoma

Notice: This is not legal advice. The author is not an attorney. Seek the advice of an attorney to obtain proper legal advice for specific situations.` A 5 day notice to quit Oklahoma is used by the landlord to notify the tenant of a lease violation in the rental property or leave the property. A […]

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