There are questions that prospective clients ask over and over. One of those is what are the tips for renting a house fast or how to lease apartments quickly? 

The thing is, it’s a really important question.

The length of time it takes to lease out properties is hugely important. One of the most important things an OKC property management company does is to quickly lease properties.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why this is so important. When your property is not leased out, it’s not making any money. So I decided to start carefully measuring the length of time it takes my company to get properties leased.

An amazing thing happens when you measure something. You suddenly become much more aware of anything that affects the thing you are measuring.

What I found was surprising. The average time to get them leased was 22 days of all the properties that we have made ready in the last 50 days from the writing of this article.

The even more surprising thing is that this really the slowest time of the year to lease properties. However, we completed 15 leases during December, typically the slowest time of year.

What can stop you from Renting your House?

The following factors can make your house rent slow. You need to figure out the things below. 


You should always examine the neighborhood before renting a house. Understand the environment. Check if it seems like a very friendly and receptive neighborhood or not. 

One of my friends rented a house. The neighborhood was not great. There was a lot of garbage on the streets. Not only that, they make so much noise. 

Tenants want a warm and cozy feeling and with such an environment. So as a landlord you need to focus on not making a good environment for your potential tenants.

Steep Driveways

A sloped driveway can attract your house, however, it can also create unnecessary issues. Steep driveways can keep your tenants away from renting your house. It might still rent but will take longer than you expect.

You might have noticed, home builders these days recommend having the same floor-plan for all houses. 

If your home has steep driveways, the option for keeping gravel in place on a slope is to stabilize it with pavers. You can add curves to your steep driveway.

Busy Street and Tracks

A busy street is going to take away from a prospective tenant’s desire to rent, especially if they have a baby or pets.

If you live near train tracks or power lines this may keep your house away from renting soon. You can’t get control over these things. So how to rent your house fast? Well, you can work on the things I mentioned above for consideration. This will help you rent your house quickly.

You can do it yourself or you can choose a Oklahoma city property management company to find potential tenants for your home.

Popular FAQs on How to Rent Your House Fast

How can I rent my house quickly?

Following are tips for renting out a house fast:
1. Get your Rental Property Listed.
2. Be Responsive.
3. Create a Virtual Tour.
4. Partner With Local Agencies.
5. Make a Good Rental Offer.
6. Monitor Response to Rental Property.
7. Set Yourself Up For Social.

How can I make my rental property more attractive?

1. High-quality photography for your rental property.
2. Renovate your Livingroom and Kitchen.
3. Stage your space.
4. Choose the right color palate.
5. Clear out the clutter.
For more, go through the list of upgrades for your rental property here.

What can stop you from renting a house?

The following factors can affect your house from renting slow:
1. Neighborhood.
2. Steep Driveways.
3. Busy Street and Tracks.
4. Noisy Neighbours.


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