In case you claim rentals in Oklahoma, it’s important to discover a property management accomplice you believe to handle the requirements of your residential investment. That’s why this list of best property managers in Oklahoma City might be helpful. With the proper experts on your side, you will be able to find the perfect home  

1. OKC Home Realty Service [ Best Property Manager OKC ]

Okc home realy service property management okc company

OKC Home Realty Service is found within the heart of Oklahoma. And it’s counted as one of the best property management OKC companies. OKC Home’s primary objective has continuously been based on an investor center and has been able to keep the costs down which is beneficial to both the occupants and proprietors. OKC Home Realty Service has been effectively advertised on numerous sites. 

Alongside these, the most excellent portion is that OKC Home Realty Service  has given the group of onlookers 13 key ways to advertise its property which makes the company exceptionally dependable.

OKC Home Realty Service has a lot of services: 

  • It  offers anything required for renting a home (These include: repairs and maintenance, optimize interior and external appeal). 
  • Inspection and foundation checking where it gives a comprehensive see at the occupant which incorporates their past relationship with the proprietors, eviction history, and criminal records 
  • Focuses on your budget 
  • Advertise your property
  • Arrange understanding related to terms and administrations for tenants
  • Provides a comparable lease report and plan guests along with more administrations
services provided by property manager- okc home realty services

    Why choose OKC Home Realty Service? 

Why choose OKC Home Realty Service?

2. LUXE Sales and Management 

LUXE Sales and Management

Luxe’s particular objective is to maximize the potential and execution of properties beneath their course and team of specialists. This is done by the vast experience of their management team and a dedicated emphasis on tenants’ satisfaction. 

Safe tenants are a critical element in ensuring that properties not only meet but also consistently exceed luxury efficiency standards. They aim to ensure that both their owners and tenants are as stress-free as possible in the leasing process.

Facilities and management offered by Luxe Sales: 

  1. Luxe is able to locate, screen, and provide professional tenants within 60 days. 
  2. Luxe also enables a pet-free home for tenants and provides in-depth information. 
  3. They have online payment options. 
  1. At any moment, for maintenance or repair requests, tenants can contact their team and expect a prompt, accurate response.
  2. Luxe connects you with experts 
services of LUXE Sales and Management

Why to choose LUXE Sales and Management

3. NAI Sullivan Group

NAI Sullivan Group

NAI was founded in 2002. NAI provides good market knowledge to the clients about everything that is important to know about rentals. 

Their mission is to provide superior market knowledge to our corporate clients to solve their commercial real estate needs and to our investors helping them maximize their wealth through the acquisition and management of commercial real estate.

Their examination starts with the cataloging of the commercial properties that are accessible for sale or rent within the recognized advertisement, hence allowing a comprehensive comparison of the showcase properties with a client’s properties.

It offers sales, leasing, construction and property management for all types of commercial real estate, including office, manufacturing, retail, investment and multi-family properties. Every year, they include monthly reporting as well as budget planning.

services provided by NAI sullivan group
why choose NAI sullivan group


Home Worx

Homeworx offers full benefit property administration of single family homes, condos and duplexes for people and speculators within the Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Dallas metro zones. They provide full detailed information to clients before starting any work related process. 

Their administration reasoning is centered around successful and good communication. Their neighborly staff is accessible seven days a week to handle any issues which will emerge whereas overseeing your property.

HomeWorx Services: 

  1. The business offers services such as tenant screening, tenant background checks and verification of income. 
  2. They have access to all forms of documents on a 27/7 basis. 
  3. Homeworx manages all aspects of maintaining the property for the property owner until a resident moves into the property. 
  4. Renewal of Lease 
  5. Maintenance service

Home Worx services

Why to choose Home Worx

5. The Property Center

The property center

Property Center has been competent in giving its administrations since 2005. The company tunes in to the objectives and needs of the correct buyer. Their administrations incorporate maximizing benefits for both buyer and dealer and diminishing occupants issues indeed on the off chance that anybody claims more than one property, the property center oversees the administrations well.

Property Center listens to your goals and needs and works with you to find the right buyer, home or investment for you. You can count on their expertise and personalized attention to make the experience smooth and simplified for your convenience. 

The services provided by the property center include new construction, general maintenance, renter relationships, and periodic inspection. Property Center provides great portfolio management to all kinds of investors and connects you with experts. 

Services of the property center

why to choose property center

6. BANTA Property Group

Banta Property group

BANTA was formed in 1997 to offer property management and leasing services. 

BANTA Property Company is an experienced industry leader in commercial real estate. Whether it’s land management, leasing, and marketing, or investment sales, local experts championing the goals of consumers are trusted.

BANTA agrees the relationship and the acquisition process is the secret to acquiring the property that meets the needs of everyone. They are dedicated partners who work to see the whole project come to life, beyond the hunt or the closing contracts.

Their services include  new construction, general maintenance, renter relationships, and periodic inspection. BANTA provides routine maintenance and is also capable of handling multi-million dollar renovations and provides services at all levels. 

services of banta

Why to choose banta

7. Keyrenter Property Management

keyrenter property management

Keyrenter is a full-service property management company which provides Oklahoma City customers with comprehensive property management services. Keyrenter is a company, owning a rental property and is based on long-term financial investment. 

Their focus is also based on single and multi-family properties. For owners of houses, condos, and townhomes, they handle rental land. Just the bulk of customers own 1 rental house, and sometimes that property is one in which they used to live, so Keyrenter excels in offering a property high customer support standard.

Their services include purchasing and renovating properties of all sizes and making them perfect. Tenant screening, and inspection also belongs to their top services. Keyrenter provides accounting services that make sure you are paid on time, assists options such as financial needs, and avoids lost incomes made from eviction. 

services of  keyrenter

why to choose keyrenter

8.  Ace Property Management, Inc

Ace Property Management, Inc

Ace Property Management has been able to make people realize financial rewards in the field of investment properties since 1986. They’re also focused on business management and real estate managers. 

Ace Property Management has managed to keep all staff working and operating to ensure their standards and service remain as high as possible while working from home and under new guidance.The company’s property managers in Oklahoma City work with property owners to maximize their goals. Its strategies and solutions are customized to meet each client’s guidelines and needs. 

Services such and tenant screening, accounting services, and more are provided by the company. Maintenance work is controlled and supervised due to the large volume of work they provide the local firms. 

services of Ace Property Management, Inc

why to choose Ace Property Management, Inc

9. OKC Homes 4 You

OKC homes 4 u

OKC home 4 You  has been working since 2009. It has been providing the best customer service for the past 10 years.

OKC Homes 4 You does advertising and market available properties, utilizing the major rental platforms. Their market datas helps owners and the management team make data-informed decisions about their property, including rate estimates and other details so they can invest and manage their investment property more wisely.

They perform a good market analysis, conduct screening processes, tenants, and financial matters. The company is responsible for taking care of all aspects and managing rentals.

services provided by okchome4u

10. Property Management Group Of Norman


Property management group of  Norman goes through with your prospects and tenants’ viewpoints. Once you have a legitimate rental administration company to manage your rental properties, you have got peace of intellect knowing that your speculation is in great hands.

On the other hand, you won’t encounter the hassles of being a manager since a rental management company is a free contractor. These are a few of the foremost critical focal points of contracting the correct property chief within the region.

Property Management Group of Norman goes through with your prospects and tenants’ viewpoints saving a lot of time and stress over collecting rents on time, markets your rentals, deals with the repair works  and tenant complaints with full professionalism and successfully pursues evictions.

services provided by the property management group of norman
why to choose norman


So these are the top property management companies in the Oklahoma city which were selected as one of the best companies by and I have personally curated that lists to select the 10 out of them based on the factors like:

  • Availability
  • Qualification
  • Reputation
  • Past customer Google review 

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