Can Landlord Keep Security Deposit For Breaking Lease?

Illustration of House along with some coins

Whether you are a landlord who owns a rental unit or tenants renting out a home or apartment, it is always a good idea to know about the conditions where the landlord can keep a certain or full amount of the security deposit of the tenants.  In this article, we will be discussing can landlord […]

How to Rent a House Fast: Step by Step Guide to Landlords

How to Rent a House

There are questions that prospective clients ask over and over. One of those is how to rent a house fast?  or how long does it take to rent a house/ rental property?  The thing is, it’s a really important question. The length of time it takes to lease out properties is hugely important. One of […]

How to get a low-cost, an air-tight lease for Oklahoma City


A strong lease is the basis of a property manager’s relationship with a tenant. It lays all the groundwork for rules. There are probably 1,000 small points that, taken together, contribute to a good, strong Oklahoma lease. Obviously, I can’t cover all those points right here, but there are some really important ones that any […]

How to Lease Your Oklahoma City Rental Property Quickly

How to Lease Your Oklahoma City Rental Property Quickly

How long does it take to get a property leased? I get that question from just about everyone who contacts me about property management. It depends. There are no guarantees. It’s just like poker. I’m no expert at the poker table, in fact I’m the kind of player who looses money because I’m just too […]

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