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If ever there were a blue-collar city, it’s Midwest City.

Midwest City property management companies love Midwest City because they are such solid rental properties.

Midwest City grew up around Tinker Air Force Base. Tinker Air Force Base was established as part of the World War 2 effort.

As a result, the properties are mostly newer than in 1945. In fact, there was a building boom in the early 1950s.

A big question I’ve heard asked is how stable is Tinker Air Force Base. Having survived and thrived through many phases of base closures, I’d say it’s fair to say that Tinker isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, its operations have grown as other bases have closed their operations. Tinker may just be a case of “too big to fail” in military terms.

It has escaped from the base closures that occurred in the last 5-10 years, only fortifying its position as an indispensable cog in the US military machine. Its main purpose is military aircraft maintenance, which is not going away.

Tinker Air Force Base is a major economic factor for not only Midwest City, but also the overall Oklahoma City metro area. It employs thousands. And the services businesses that cater to its airmen and aircraft maintenance personnel employ thousands.

There are also professional jobs that have come here from aerospace companies like Bowen.

Midwest City is a solid community. A major new retail mall was just developed north of Tinker Air Force Base.

In terms of construction, there are three types of neighborhoods that developed as the Midwest City grew.

Post World War 2 Neighborhoods: 1945-1960 Properties

These are generally 2 and 3-bedroom homes that are either framed or brick. They have crawl space foundations. These were built especially north, east, and west of Tinker Air Force Base. You also can include some one-bedroom duplexes in this group.

Because of their age, these properties are more maintenance intensive if they have not been updated.

We as a Property Management Midwest City provide several properties in these neighborhoods, and they all have been updated.

It’s my experience that most of the tenants in these homes work for service companies in Midwest City. Most are not military.

Here is a property that fits into this category.

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20170904 110219

It’s a duplex located about 1 mile from Tinker Airforce base. The property was built in 1950.

It’s a one-bedroom, one-bath unit with central heat and air.

Since we took over management, we updated both sides so they would have the modern look that makes them more desirable and functional. Both sides were converted to central heat and air. As you can see, both the kitchen and bathroom were updated.

We also insulated the exterior walls because there was absolutely no insulation in the walls prior to that.

If you don’t replace electrical, plumbing, and heat and air systems you will be plagued by maintenance problems. And, the tenants won’t stay long.

The property currently leases for $550 per side.

Middle Aged: 1960-1980 Properties

Middle Aged properties in Midwest City (built 1960-1980) are a mix of frame and brick homes. These for the most part have slab foundations. These are mostly 3- and 4-bedroom homes.

If they have not been updated, they are also maintenance intensive.

They were also built further from Tinker Air Force Base as Midwest City began to sprawl across the landscape of central Oklahoma.

These are very good, bread-and-butter rentals. They are built with bigger bedrooms than the smaller, older homes. They are also much bigger homes, some double the size of the older homes. As a Midwest City property management company, we love managing these types of properties because they are easy to keep rented.

There are also several multi-family apartment properties of this age in Midwest City. These include mostly one- and two-bedroom units.

Here is an example of one of these types of properties:

20170928 17262720170928 172642

The property was built in 1968. It’s about 3 miles from Tinker Air Force Base.

It’s a four-bedroom, one-bath unit that currently has a Section 8 tenant.

It leases for $850 per month.

Newer Midwest City Homes: 1990-Present Properties

These are newer Midwest City homes built further away from Tinker Air Force Base.

These properties tend to be low maintenance because the properties are newer and nicer. They are mostly brick, although there are some frame properties.

They are larger homes, ranging from 1200 to 2500 square feet, so they are generally the larger of the three types of properties.

These are newer housing additions built on the fringes of Midwest City.

They are more costly. These properties sell for north of $150,000.

Midwest City property management companies love these types of properties because they are very nice. We love managing properties like this.

Here is a typical 3-bedroom newer home that you will find in Midwest City. This particular rent for $1,100 per month.

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20170729 151613
20170729 151636

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