Why Put up with Incompetence or Unresponsiveness?
Get Your Property Management Locked Down

You own real estate because it can be a great investment.

But in order for that investment to pay off, the property management needs to be locked down.

You are frustrated because that’s not what’s happening.

You know you need to make a change. The problem is that it’s also a risk to change to a different property management company because what if they are worse than the one they have right now? Or, just as bad?

You aren’t sure who to trust.

It just shouldn’t happen

No real estate investor should have to put up with a property management company that isn’t being honest with their client, and doing everything they can to keep that owner profitable by having the systems in place to keep the properties rented and keep the expenses down.

Like you, I am a real estate investor. I know what it’s like to have a property that’s not rented, to have high expenses, and to be lied to. I manage my own 66 properties using the same systems that I use to manage my clients properties. And, I have reasonable expenses and low vacancy.

How We can Help You to be Successful

1. Call me to pick my brain about specific challenges you are having right now. If it’s a problem for you, chances are I’ve already solved that problem dozens of times.
2. Schedule a face-to-face consultation to discuss what’s going on with your properties and brainstorm specific solutions or answer questions you might have.
3. Meet with us at one of your properties to brainstorm solutions to specific problems and answer any questions you might have.

We can get your properties leased, keep expenses down, and keep you informed on the progress. Why put up with negative financial consequences, and a lack of good systems to track the status of your properties?

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Submit information to obtain a copy of our property management agreement and to schedule a consultation

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