Improving Your Rental Property

Questions to Ask Property Manager Before Hiring

Questions to Ask Property Manager

Hiring a property management company is not an easy job that can be completed in a blink of an eye. It is a tough choice as you will be handing your entire investment in the hands of a management team that you are completely unfamiliar with. It is very important to know about questions to […]

How to set the Rental Price for Your OKC Rental Property

Ready Property Management

One of the things that made Sherlock Holmes such a great detective was his vast knowledge of seemingly trivial information.  You also have to have a grasp of all types of information, some definitely trivial, to be a good property manager.   For example, what specific properties will rent for in specific neighborhoods.   But I will […]

Rent Ready Checklist: Getting a House Ready to Rent

Rent Ready Checklist- Getting a House Ready to Rent

Every time your tenants move out, you are faced with some work to get your OKC rental property ready to rent. Follow this rent-ready checklist for getting a house ready to rent as quickly as possible and at the cheapest It’s really the most expensive part of being a landlord.  The main idea is to […]

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