To be a successful OKC real estate investor, you must know what you want. A huge problem for beginning real estate investors is that they don’t know what they want, which causes them to focus on the wrong things.

This article shows you how to set intentions that will help you to get what you want from your Oklahoma City real estate investing. You will learn how to tap into your driving purpose so success will come more naturally to you.  Who needs the struggle?  You will learn how to better focus on your natural strengths. Here are the steps to becoming a real estate investor in Oklahoma.


One of the major steps to becoming a real estate investor. An intention is simply something you intend to do. As a goal, an intention should be specific, measurable, and written so it has the power of a laser beam.  But an intention is less rigid than a goal. This gives some leeway to the universe to let things happen without your need to constantly force things through brute strength. To find out more about how intentions work on a deeper level, see the law of attraction

steps to become a real estate investor

The first step in creating an intention for yourself is knowing what you want. Revise your intention as you get feedback from the actions you take.

  • An intention can have a time frame associated with it. Intentions can be long-term (years), short-term (days),  or anything in between.
  • An intention is what you are bringing into your life because it is what you focus on.  What you focus on expands. 

When you choose to focus on abundance and prosperity, you attract more abundance and prosperity into your life. When you focus on what is missing from your life, like so many people do, you will attract more of what you don’t want. Carefully choose your intentions so they give rise to the results you truly desire.


Example of Setting the Right Intention

For a  long time, my wife and I had an intention to “make money so we could pay off our credit card debt.” The problem was that the intention was focused on debt, so we would pay the credit cards to zero, and then soon the balance would be up even higher than it was before. We were in a cycle of paying off those credit cards, but in the process creating more debt because the purpose in making the money was to pay off debt.

So we made our intention more effective by changing it to “creating a certain amount of money within 6 months to invest in (our) financial freedom.” By focusing on creating financial freedom, we brought more financial freedom and less debt into our lives.

Guidelines On How To Set Intentions

set intentions to become a real estate investor

When:  Set weekly intentions.  And, set longer-term ones.

Control: Set internationals that are within your control (not dependent upon what somebody else does or doesn’t do).  Don’t set the intention that your child will get all A’s, or your spouse will lose 10 pounds (and, don’t tell them if you do!!!).  

Achievable: Set weekly short-term intentions that you are 95% certain you will actually achieve in order to build week after week of success on top of success. Set yourself up to win. Nothing will sabotage your success faster than setting your short-term (daily and weekly) intentions too aggressively. Don’t set yourself up to lose.

Be Aggressive: Set long-term intentions more aggressively. Most people overestimate what they can accomplish in the short term and underestimate what they can accomplish in the long term.

Long Term: Long-term intentions are for the quarter, the year, and 3 years. It’s a good idea to set all three.

Accountability: Accountability is having someone hold your feet to the fire on the commitments you make. Get an accountability partner or join a mastermind group.

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You are reading this blog post because there is something about your life you want to improve, and doing financially better is a part of that. Go deeper into the steps to becoming a real estate investor.

  • Why is your financial success im­portant to you that nothing will deter you? 
  • What drives you to move outside your comfort zone? 
  • What is it that makes you stronger in the face of stiff resistance? 

If you don’t discover a powerful reason for you to be a real estate investor, you will run to the sidelines at every turn. You will always be looking for excuses to take yourself out of the game.  A lack of a compelling reason can cause someone to give up on their dream the first time someone laughs at them or tells them that what they are suggesting just can’t be done.   


When you are in touch with your driving purpose, your energy expands and becomes self-sustainable. The powerful energy of purpose will propel you forward.  

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Example of Purpose in Money Management

My wife and I always take a portion of the profits from our company to “play.” This is money we spend on ourselves to enjoy life to its fullest. Mostly, it pays for vacations which are great ways to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  To become reenergized.  The more we play, the greater our desire to do it again. That provides a tremendous driving purpose for making money.

Some Clues About Finding A Driving Purpose

What it is: Your driving purpose(s) could be a thing, an accomplishment, a dream, a lifestyle, financial freedom, or something even more important.

Freedom: It could be the ability to do whatever you want whenever you want, regardless of expense. It could be freedom from a job you hate.

Your Drive: To attain your purpose, you will stay up late or get up early doing whatever needs to be done to get it.

Deep Desire: It is so meaningful that you’ve been wanting at a deep level for a long time, not just on a superficial level on the spur of the moment. Life wouldn’t be complete for you without getting it or having it at least once in your lifetime.

You’ll fight for it: You will face stiff resistance, and not break down or give up. You are willing to put yourself in uncomfortable situations to have it.

Not one of us needs “fixing.” It’s common to have a list of things about ourselves we would love to change or fix. A great many self-improvement books will encourage you to identify your weaknesses.  These books advocate focusing on the weaknesses. We want you to focus on your strengths and passions.

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Example of Focusing on Weaknesses

The message many people got in school from teachers and parents to focus on bringing up your lowest scores. The problem is that students are focusing on scores instead of learning, and their weaknesses instead of their strengths. The result of this philosophy leaves many people without an appreciation for the process of learning because their focus was on receiving high marks.

Step 3: Focus on your strengths – WHAT DO YOU BRING TO LIFE’S TABLE?

Everyone is innately blessed with certain resources (strengths). You and what you bring to this world are unique. You are a combination of physical qualities, mental abilities, attitudes, strategies, experiences, and many others. These strengths show up as areas in which a person has interests, hobbies, or is their profession. Skill in these areas seems to come without effort.

You will succeed with the least amount of effort when you have tapped into your unique resources. Find ways to leverage chosen resources to their maximum potential. This is one of the important steps to becoming a real estate investor.

Example of Leveraging your Resources

Suppose you are in a sales career and want to use your sales and negotiation skills as a real estate investor. It is natural to build your business around your ability to negotiate agreements with sellers, buyers, contractors, and suppliers. It doesn’t matter who you are, you have resources that you can leverage to allow the success you deserve to come more quickly.

If you have a weakness in some area that’s critical to your success as a real estate investor, get assistance in the form of hiring someone or perhaps even getting a real estate investing partner.

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There is a disturbing trend that keeps so many people from ever getting into the game. We see some people who purchase books and courses, and attend seminars but have not purchased even one investment property.

They seem to always be looking for the next training. There is always an excuse to delay taking any real action. There are so many excuses, such as there just aren’t any good deals left, the competition is too tough, or they don’t have this or that.

The world is full of Bright People who are Broke

Leadership is the key to real estate investing, beginning with the ability to lead yourself. If you can’t effectively lead yourself, you will never be able to effectively lead others. When you discover the art of self-leadership, other people will naturally follow you.

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Example of Getting in the Game

We decided to pur­chase a real estate home study course we had seen on a late­ night infomercial. We didn’t have the money to pay for it, so we put it on a credit card. Within 30 days of receiving the course materials, we had 2 duplexes under contract to purchase.

Even though our family members warned us it would likely bankrupt us, we took the risk. With no prior experience, we closed on the half vacant,  run-down properties within another 30 days. We made so many mistakes on this first transaction, it’s a miracle we are still in the real estate business. But we persisted. Above were the steps to becoming a real estate investor. Hope this was helpful.

So don’t delay. Get involved now in Oklahoma City real estate.

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