You Want Rental Income
But You’ve Never been a Landlord

Real estate can be a great investment, but there are risks:

  • Like paying for the repairs.
  • Or not collecting rent while you wait for the property to be rented out. 
  • Or being confident you can rent it for enough to cover all the expenses.

Plus, not knowing how to find the right tenants, make repairs, or do an eviction if need be.

Any of these can make you feel anxious and scare you away from a great investment.

You can hope that a rental property will be a wise investment, but what you need is solid information to make your decision.

You need the right information when you are becoming a real estate investor.

Like you, I once had to decide if I should become a real estate investor. It’s not an easy decision because money is at risk. But with the right information it can work out for you. It worked out for me because I now own 66 rental properties that produce rental income.

We’ll Provide You with the Right Information

1. A comparable rent report to let you know what the property will rent for.
2. If you have questions about whether your house is rent ready, we can schedule to take a look at it.  

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