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What if you have a Section 8 Housing Voucher?

Bring us your voucher.

We love working with the Section 8 housing program.

OKC Home Realty Services, LLC, has worked with the housing program for years.

In fact, we’re very familiar with the Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) way of doing things.

And, the Oklahoma City Housing Authority (OCHA) way of doing things.

Many times, we pass the housing inspection the first time around.

We don’t want there to be any delays for your getting into your unit.

You probably already know that many landlords just schedule the first inspection without doing any work at all.

They get the list of repairs, and just plan on doing the repairs that are on the list.

Not us.

We have a detailed pre-inspection checklist that our technicians go through so we have an excellent chance of passing the housing inspection the first time around.

Not all of our properties are approved for Section 8.

Call our office at 405-232-5800 to find out if a particular property is approved for your housing program today!

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What is the process in getting approved for a Property?

Step 1.  Complete the Rental Application

You’ll need to complete a rental application.  To fill in an online application, <<Click Here Now>>.

Or, you can go by our office to fill in an application.

OKC Home Realty Services, LLC is located at 2532 W. I-44 Service Road, Oklahoma City, 73112.

You’ll need to provide proof of your income.

The most recent pay stubs from your work can provide that verification.

You’ll need to have your landlord reference from the last year.

You’ll also have to include $100 toward your security deposit with the application.

CLICK HERE for complete details on that.

A credit report may be required with the rental application (see the advertisement for the property).

Step 2.  Submit the rental application and other items to OKC Home Realty Services, LLC.

Make sure you have it all together.

If we don’t have your pay stubs or landlord’s contact information, it may slow down the process.

Step 3. Allow time for processing.

How long will it take?

We’ll get it done just as soon as possible.

Sometimes it takes longer if your landlord is slow in getting back to us with a rental reference.

We promise not to leave you hanging…we’ll get you a yes or no answer just as soon as we can.

Step 4.  Sign a lease, and get the keys to move in.

As soon as you are approved, we can schedule a time.

We’ll try to be as flexible as possible in finding a time that will suit your schedule.

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How to Apply for the Property

If you love the property, put your application in before someone else gets it first.

The quickest way to get that property tied down is to come into the office to fill in an application at our office.

But you’ll have see the Property first, of course.

Or, you can download and print the application from our website by <<Clicking Here Now>>.

Or, you can <<CLICK HERE>> to “Apply Now” on our other rental website, and submit your application online.

Just fill in the requested information.

Either way, you’ll need to bring to the office your reservation fee and pay stubs.

What is the reservation fee?

We don’t charge an application fee, but you will have to put at least $100 toward the security deposit.

If your application is denied for any reason, the money will be returned to you.

That money applies toward the security deposit, if you are approved.

Again, we DO NOT charge an application fee of any kind.

The reservation fee is paid in the form of money order with your application.

The only way you will lose that money is if we approve your application and then you change your mind.

What if you want to make sure no one rents the house from under you?

If you want to make sure no one else beats you to the punch, just put down the whole security deposit.

If we have that, we will move your application to the top of the stack.

We will screen your application before any others are even considered.

If your application is denied, all of your money is refunded.

Again the only way to lose this money is if after we have approved your application you change your mind.

To find out the process in getting approved for a property, <<CLICK HERE NOW>>>.