Why OKC Home Realty Service?


Reasonable Fees for Property Management.

OKC Home Realty Service, LLC isn’t the cheapest nor most expensive property management company in Oklahoma City. We are priced right for the beginning real estate investor, or the relocating homeowner who is looking to cover their payment, and make a profit while outsourcing the headaches.

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Your Properties will be Leased Quickly

We’ve invested in technology and systems that give us an edge when it comes to locating tenants for your properties. We also have established relationships with local housing agencies that help find tenants. We also work though the Section 8 housing program for owners who are interested in offering their properties for rent through these programs to widen the market for certain properties.


Affordable Maintenance You and Tenant can Trust

If maintenance is NOT handled right, your property will quickly become a money pit. Our maintenance system is set up to handle problems quickly to keep your tenant happy, and at the same time, keep those costs down so that your rental property remains profitable.


Financial Reporting that’s Timely, Detailed, and how You want it.

Every month you will receive an itemized statement that has all income and expenses from the prior 30 days. This includes copies of backup
(invoices, receipts, etc.).

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Keeping a Watchful Eye on Your Properties

Experience has shown us that we must conduct periodic inspections of properties. If a tenant is tearing up a property, they need to go. If we never see the properties, we don’t know what’s going on. That’s why we recommend at least an annual maintenance inspection.


Strongest Tenant Guarantee in the OKC metro

If a tenant moves out in the first 6 months of a 12-month lease, we will replace the tenant at no charge to you. If they move out month 7-11, we charge a prorated amount based on the length of time the tenant was in the property.

Have been a property owner with OKC for a number of years now – couldn’t recommend more highly. I LOVE THE OWNERS’ PORTAL!! The portal gives you up to the minute access to all the information you want on the status of properties.


Diane Pierotti

Very great staff. Everyone is amazing. Organized, understanding and very professional. Maintenance guys are super nice and get the job done in a timely manner. I been here for a little over a year now and I don’t have any complaints. My place is and has been in good condition ever since I moved in. Plan on staying for a while. Definitely recommend them.


Michael Fields

We have worked with Scott Natchatillo and OKC Realty for many years. He is an A+ manager of rental and lease properties. We are out of state and have confidence in his professionalism by how he has managed our rental houses in every situation that could possibly arise. He is a man with high character and dependability.


Mary Westbrook

Scott and his team are very knowledgeable and helpful. They keep me well informed regarding the status of my property. They are swift in actions. They have very good business ethics. I appreciate all of the hard work they have done for me. I have and will continue to highly recommend their services. If I could i would give them 10 stars!!!!


Lori Rehman

Scott and his team are exceptional! I went through two property managers before joining their team. I’ve been with them over five years now and would highly recommend them. They are honest and really try their best to take care of your property and tenant.


Tina Broyles

Sign up Process, Step by Step


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Step 4


Step 5

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Step 6

1. Review the management agreement.

Ask us to send a copy of the management agreement for you to review. The agreement is simple and straightforward.

2. Let us know if you have any questions.

Do you want to clarify something in the paperwork? Or, get an opinion on what the rental price would be for your property? Just call and we will discuss that.

3. Ask us to send you the agreement to sign.

We’ll send it for your electronic signature, and a document will arrive in your email for you to sign with the click of your mouse. Remember, we never tie up your property with a long-term contract. If it’s not working for you and you want to do something different with your property, just give us notice.

4. Get us a copy of the keys.

If the property is ready to rent, we can take it from there. If it needs some work, we’re glad to assist with that process.

5. We get photos and begin advertising the property.

We won’t stop until we have it leased.

6. Keep an Eye on Us.

We will send you weekly reports that will show the number of leads and showings that are occurring at your property until it is leased.

Have a Question? The Answer is Yes!

Do you manage properties in which the tenant receive housing (Section 8) assistance?

Do you have a full slate of licensed contractors if needed (electrical, heat and air, plumbing,

Do you have connections OCHA, OHFA, Homeless Alliance, Hope, Mental Health
Association, Catholic Charities, and SSVF to help find long-term tenants?

Do you handle evictions through your office if needed?

Do you keep two sets of books in independent systems to help catch any possible errors?

Do you have your own drain cleaning equipment, water extraction equipment, ozone
machines, animal traps, and other items get maintenance done quickly and inexpensively?

Do you have an inexpensive process to do periodic and move-out inspection reports of your

Do you verify income, rental history, criminal history, credit, and other items when
screening tenants?

Do you monitor the lead, qualified leads, scheduled showings, and viewing each week?

Do you provide the owner with a weekly report with the number of leads, qualified leads, scheduled showings, and viewing if they want it?

Do you have an automated showing scheduling system to give prospective tenants quick
access to properties when they want to see them?

Do you have an automated follow-up system for prospective tenants to help get them to
showings, and to submit their rental applications?

Do you advertise rentals on 12 websites that get the most traffic for tenants looking for a
property to lease?

Do you have your own property listing website that gets 9,500+ page views per month?

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