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How do you find the best property management okc company?  There is a steep penalty to pay for hiring the wrong the Oklahoma City property management company.  It’s potentially a very expensive mistake.

There are three main items to pay attention to:

  1. Referral from the right person.
  2. On-line ratings from the company.
  3. Your interview of the company.

Getting a Referral from the right person.

A referral from the right person can be golden.  The problem is that the average person doesn’t use the services of a property management company, and therefore they don’t know of any companies.

However, you might get lucky.  Someone in your network might know one.

The best property management okc companies will be recommended by satisfied customers.

Look at the on-line ratings of the company.

Type the company name into google.  If they do much business, they will have ratings.  If they don’t have at least ten rating, it means they don’t do much business.

The best property management okc companies will have at least a 4-star rating, and that they have at least ten ratings.

Your interview of the best property management okc companies.

The interview you conduct with the property management company is where it all happens.

There are key questions to ask when looking for the best property management okc company.  For example, how long have you done property management?  In addition, what types of properties do you manage?  What specific geographic areas in the Oklahoma City metro area do have experience servicing?  Do you have a staff that qualified to handle what I might be giving you?

The point is, have a number of questions ready to go.

Ask questions about the properties they have taken under management in the last year.  Make them give you specifics about exactly what happened in each case.  Ask about owners who have terminated service with their company in the last 5 years.  What the circumstances were behind those terminations?

Once you have it narrowed down, check the criminal background of the company owner. You can easily check that on

See what types of lawsuits they have been involved in other than evictions. Check to if they been in any litigation with any of the owners of the properties they manage.

Beyond that, you should also ask for references from at least one other client.

If do all of these, you will no doubt find one of the best property manager okc companies.