This article shows the four key things all Oklahoma City property management companies should be responsible for.

The short answer to this is anything that is going to effect the bottom line of your Oklahoma City rental property.

This article shows the five main items that any oklahoma city property management companies should be responsible for.

1) When faced with a vacancy, Oklahoma City property management companies needs to ensure that the property is ready to rent.

Before they start taking prospective tenants to the property, it needs to be ready to show.

What keeps the vacancy rate of Oklahoma City property management companies low is a focus on providing units that are safe, affordable, functional, and shows well. Because of this, they lease faster for a higher rent.

2) Having systems for quickly finding qualified tenants, and having a screening system to ensure they are qualified.

What Oklahoma City property management companies need to do is get the word out about vacant properties.  Most prospective tenants will first go looking on-line to find their next rental property.  Your property management company needs to have your property listed in an attractive manner that makes them want to set up a showing.

In addition, Oklahoma City property management companies need to set up showings when prospective tenants want to see the unit.  That means immediately.   And, when they want the unit, you need to be prepared to get their application (and a system that encourages them to submit an application).

Last but not least, you need to have a system to effectively screen their application.

If the tenant screening works out, you sign the tenant up to a 12-month lease.  This is where money changes hands and the guidelines are laid down for the tenant.

3) Oklahoma City property management companies must enforce the lease.

This includes collections, setting up service calls for maintenance, and handling other tenant requests.  If the tenant doesn’t pay according to the lease, the property manager then may have to take them to court in order to collect on the lease.

4) Oklahoma City property management companies also have a duty to keep the owner informed as to what’s going on with their properties.

This includes providing the owner with financial records consisting of a monthly statement with a break down of income and expenses on a per property basis.

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