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I’m a big believer in keeping written goals. In this article I’m going to show you what I did to totally nail goals I set for myself in six key areas of my real estate investing and OKC property management business.

For years I’ve done goals at the beginning of the year. But the goals sheet would get tucked away somewhere, and some years forgotten until the next new year rolled around.

Last year about this time, I noticed this habit of making big plans but then setting aside the plan. I decided this year was going to be different.

I knew that to make this work that I would have to something different. I would have to put some “conditions” into place that would guarantee I would have a much better outcome than in years past. By conditions, I mean things like regular times to do an activity like review how the plan is going, or report to someone on progress, etc.

So I came up with a list of one-year goals like I’d done in the past. In addition, I broke that down into goals for the first quarter, for the first month, and for the the first week.

One condition I came up with to help me achieve my one-year goals was having a planning session once a week (Sunday) where I would put a list of action items together for the week. The action items would be based upon goals I had for the month.

I put the monthly goals together at the beginning of each month. The monthly goals were based upon goals for the current quarter. I would ask myself what I would have to achieve in that month in order to obtain my goal for the current quarter.

I put my goals together for the current quarter at the beginning of each quarter. They, in turn, were based on what I would have to achieve in that quarter in order to achieve my goals for the year.

Each day of the week, I would refer to my list of action items for the week. I would decide upon six key action items for the day based upon that list.

Using this procedure for the whole year, I tore up those goals pretty well. I had a total of 7 key result areas for the year. I made each of these goals a stretch, but a reasonable mark if I kept my focus.

In 3 of those areas, I hit 100% of my goals. In 2 others I got 75% to 80% of the goals. These results were by far the best I’ve ever achieved. In only one area did I really do poorly, and in that one I got 10% of the initial goal that I set for myself.

The year is not over yet, either. I’m still working my tail off to get more of the results I promised myself.

It’s time again to put together goals for the coming year. I look forward to setting some goals that will stretch me even further next year. It’s said that once you’ve been stretch beyond a certain point, you can never go back to your original condition.

I challenge you to join me creating some challenging goals for yourself.
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