Some time ago, a tenant moved out of a property that I happen own.

This particular one sticks in my mind because of how painful the move out walk through OKC rental property inspection was.

This particular tenant always paid rent.

They were rarely late.

And, they almost never called for maintenance.  Of ANY kind.

Dream tenant, right?


They lived in the property for eight years, and never called to get anything fixed.

They just lived with it until the unit was so bad they decided to move.

We’re not just talking about a little bit of grit and grime clean up.

We are talking about major damage, including the need to replace all the lower kitchen cabinets, a total repaint, replace all the flooring, completely redo the bathroom (i.e., gut job), and much more.

The big lesson for me here is that I needed to have eyes on the property periodically to make sure my tenants weren’t tearing up a property badly.

What’s the worst that could happen?

This is not a good question.

If you have a tenant that isn’t treating the property with respect, damages are cumulative.  It’s one thing after another.

Catching problems early, before they get to the point of no return, can save you a whole bunch of money as an owner.

For example, one of the things I recommend is an OKC rental property inspection at about the 6 month mark.

If the tenant isn’t taking care of the property, you can serve them up with a lease violation.

Either they fix the damage, or you fix it and charge them.

The important thing is to let them know that’s not the wild, wild west, and that you are watching.

If they are a section 8 tenant, you as the landlord can call for an inspection for poor housekeeping.  Housing will schedule an inspection.  If the resident doesn’t tidy up, they can risk losing their housing.

Maintenance Inspections

We do a maintenance inspection periodically.

As you might guess from the title, a maintenance inspection is done by one of our maintenance technicians.

They have an inspection app installed on their digital devise to help guide them through an OKC rental property inspection.

It allows them to take photos, and type in notes.  That way, they can document an damage.

Because the inspection app requires the technician to go through the property methodically, there is less chance of them missing something.

Once the OKC rental property inspection is done, the technician saves the report and signs it.

It is uploaded to our system.

From there, we can email a copy of the report to the owner.

Our owners love the reports because they are detailed.  All the photos and notes are included in the OKC rental property inspection report.

You can read here about what does a property manager do?

I’ve never once heard an owner complain that the report wasn’t detailed enough.

Our maintenance technicians are trained to go through a multi-point checklist as part of each service call.  In addition to checking every room of the house, they also check items such as the filter for the heat and air unit, tree limbs around the roof line, leaks under sinks or in other areas of the house that could be causing damage, and anything else that sticks out.

One important item to check is the heat and air unit.  If the tenant is not changing the filters on a central heat and air unit, the unit may burn out.  A dirty unit in the summer time works a lot harder than it should have to.  It’s a lot cheaper to change a filter and clean the coil than it is to have to replace the entire unit.

We have our maintenance personnel do the OKC rental property inspection so they can do minor maintenance, and clean up the heat and air unit if they need to.

The mindset of our technicians is very important here.  It’s critical that they know how important it is to report problems going on at a property, rather just be in a huge hurry to get out of there on onto the next thing.  Yes, we want to keep the labor cost down, but at the same time we want to make sure that details like the OKC rental property inspection are handled with the degree of care I believe they deserve.

I have written an article about what the maintenance inspection consists of.  

There are two times when it makes sense to do a maintenance inspection.

#1 During service calls at a property.

It’s pretty unusual not to have any maintenance calls at a property ever.

If we are going to have maintenance people go to the property, why not do the OKC rental property inspection at that time?  Why not have your maintenance people take an extra 30-60 minutes or so to fill in a quick report about what they see at the property?

We do our best to make that happen if a property hasn’t had an inspection done in the last 6 months.

It doesn’t add that much cost to the bill.

#2 Periodic Inspections.

As I mentioned above, sometimes tenants don’t make service call requests.

Now, that could mean it’s a newer home that doesn’t need much maintenance, or it could mean something else.

We want to know if a tenant is abusing the property.  In such cases, they just don’t want us over there to see the damage.

I recommend an OKC rental property inspection at about the six month mark for new tenants, and an annual inspection thereafter.

Items to be checked at the annual inspection are the condition of the property, check for any needed maintenance, and see how well the tenant is taking care of the property.

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