Eliminate Your Rental Property Headaches
By Hiring a Property Management Company

You own real estate because it’s a great investment.

But it’s becoming too much to handle. Every call from the tenant, unpaid rent, maintenance call, eviction, every problem that comes up is like being stuck with another needle.

You know that it would make sense to hire a property management company, but you aren’t sure you can afford the expense.

The stress of owning the rental properties is taking a tole. It makes it hard to really relax because problems seem to crop up at the worst time

It just shouldn’t happen

No real estate investor should be deprived of the assistance of an excellent property management company. An excellent company should be able to help the investor be more profitable than they would on their own due to increased efficiency.

Like you, I am a real estate investor. I struggled for years doing it all, from maintenance calls to evictions, while I was also working a full time job. I quit my job to focus on real estate full time. In the process, I created a company to manage my own 66 properties using the same systems that I use to manage my clients properties. Now, I have reasonable expenses and low vacancy.

How We can Help You to be Successful

1. Call me to pick my brain about specific challenges you are having right now. If it’s a problem for you, chances are I’ve already solved that problem dozens of times.
2. Schedule a face-to-face consultation to discuss what’s going on with your properties and brainstorm specific solutions or answer questions you might have.
3. Meet with us at one of your properties to brainstorm solutions to specific problems and answer any questions you might have.

We can get your properties leased, keep expenses down, and keep you informed on the progress. Why put up with negative financial consequences, and a lack of good systems to track the status of your properties?

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Submit information to obtain a copy of our property management agreement and to schedule a consultation

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