Leasing Services In OKC Home Realty Services, LLC


OKC Home Realty Services offers leasing services with the following objectives in mind:

  1. Obtaining the highest rent within a reasonable timeframe.
  2. Filling vacancies as soon as reasonable. There is an article on the website about our approaches to getting OKC rental properties leased out quickly.
  3. Making sure that applicants meet screening standards in order for them to be approved for a property.

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Setting the Rental Price

When setting the rent price, we don’t want to be too low and leave money on the table. At the same time, we don’t want to be too high because then no one will be interested in leasing the property.

Leasing property management can assist you in setting the rental price by providing rental comparables for your property. We have an article about how OKC Home Realty obtains rental comparables.

Rent Ready Premises

It’s very important that the property be ready to rent prior to taking photos and doing showings. That means all remodeling is completed, deep cleaning is done, etc. You can read more about making your property ready to rent here. 


Most prospects for rentals come from online advertising. We post our listings on websites that attract the most attention from prospective tenants. Here is a screenshot of the websites on which our properties are advertised as of the writing of this page:


We will start advertising a property when we get a 30-day notice from the tenant that they are planning to move. We use an app called Tenant Turner that starts building a waiting list for prospective applicants to notify them as soon as the property is ready to schedule showings. As soon as we are ready to schedule those showings, we change a setting on the app to send notifications to those on the waiting list via text message to their mobile phone and to the email address they provided.

We also advertise our vacant properties on our tenant website, Nicehome4u. That website gets considerable traffic and has a first-page Google ranking for several keywords around the search for rental properties in the OKC metro area. We keep the website current and up to the minute because any updates to our main database (Appfolio) are automatically translated to our tenant website.

In addition, if we have a property that is more than likely going to be leased to a Section 8 housing tenant, we advertise those listings on Nicehome4u Section 8.


We conduct in-person showings of the property. Our Tenant Turner app manages those showing requests. As mentioned above, it notifies prospective applicants when the property is ready to show. It also reminds them of upcoming showings in which they are scheduled to see the property.

Once the showing is done, our Tenant Turner app sends the viewer a survey to give feedback about the property which is sent to us to review. It also sends them a link to our online application.


Our rental application is online at our website. All the information that is requested to complete the application is on the website. Not only that, they can pay the application fee online as well. It makes for a very easy, quick process for applicants to submit their information.

Screening Applicants

We have a screener in our office who assesses the rental applications. We reply back to applicants the day they submit their information if at all possible. We let them know what information they lack right away so it doesn’t hold up the process.

We have an article that discusses our rental screening criteria. The basic requirements are:

  • The applicant’s take home pay must be at least 3 times the rental amount (it is less if they have housing assistance).
  • We do a background check to look for evictions, criminal offenses, and civil lawsuits.
  • We do a resident verification to check with their landlord and/or previous landlords.

Approved Applicants

Once an applicant is approved, they are asked to immediately submit a security deposit to hold the property until they complete the lease.


The last step is for the tenant to enter into a lease agreement. The default is a 12-month lease, but other options may be available depending on the circumstances. 

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