Monthly Reports

Monthly Itemized Statements: Your Most Critical Financial Report

Monthly Itemized Statements

The application of knowledge is power, and your monthly itemized statement is your most critical knowledge. As a property owner, you need to have up-to-date financial information on your rental properties. It’s up to the property management company to provide that information. Not having accurate financial details is like walking through a house of mirrors. […]

Six Key Reports Your Property Management Company Should be Providing

Property Management Report

I recently wrote up an employee for two different items on the same day. Our company policy is three strikes and you are out. So for this employee, we will terminate them upon their next screw up that is either big enough to warrant a write up, or a repeat of the same behavior they […]

The Owner’s Portal: How to get updates on your properties 24/7


Have you ever owned a mutual fund? For an investor like me who wants to be involved in all the gritty details, I’ve never liked the concept of the mutual fund. I don’t like the mystery behind the process. What I mean is that as an investment, it’s a total black box. There are some […]

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