Three Ways to avoid Property Management Embezzlement and Overpriced Fees

How to prevent property management embezzlement, or being overcharged

There are three things every property owner must do in order to prevent their property management embezzlement or being overcharge. What do you need to pay attention to make sure you aren’t overcharged by your property management company?  Now, most OKC property management companies are run by honest professionals devoted to their work.  But you […]

EPA Can Now Fine Landlords $32,000 for This

How to Minimize Vacancy Rates for Rental Properties

Most landlords are familiar with the lead based paint disclosure for houses or apartments built prior to 1978. We as landlords / property managers have been using those disclosures for years. However, EPA has revised its lead based paint rules and regulations in its Lead Based Paint Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program. You can read […]