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What does the Covid-19 Pandemic mean for Your OKC Rental Property?

What does the Covid-19 Pandemic mean for Your OKC Rental Property?

Covid-19 Pandemic and your OKC Rental Property I’ve never seen such a challenging time as a real estate investor and landlord in Oklahoma City.  It’s like the earth is shifting under our feet. In this article, I hope to provide an update as to where we stand in regard to Oklahoma City rental properties as […]

How to Minimize Vacancy Rates for Oklahoma City Rental Properties

Vacancy is a cash flow killer.  For your Oklahoma City rental to do well, it has to produce rent on a consistent basis. This article talks about vacancy rates, and what we do to minimize the vacancy rate in our Oklahoma City rental properties. Ideally, your tenant will NEVER want more from the property.  I […]

Using Realtors to Find Deals on Oklahoma City Rental Properties

That is like preparing a shopping list before you go to the grocery store.  A shopping list is nothing more than a series of decisions you have made in advance of your trip to the store.  As a real estate investor, you need to prepare a detailed shopping list so you don’t waste huge amounts […]

Finance Rental Real Estate Using Local Oklahoma City Banks

Let’s face it, if you are going to invest in OKC rental real estate, you almost can’t do without local banks for borrowing money to buy properties. This article tells you what local bankers have to offer real estate investors.  At the end of the article, it gives you some tips about how to initially […]