Things You Need to Know About Renter’s Insurance

Things You Need to Know About Renter's Insurance

It’s easy to think that rental property owners have it good, but being a landlord has its share of responsibilities and possible liabilities, too. For example, landlords worth their salt must spend for rental property insurance, which tends to be more expensive than a standard home insurance policy. With this type of coverage, landlords can […]

Landlord Insurance vs Homeowners Insurance Policy

Insurance Policy Illustration

If you are thinking of converting the extra space in your home to a rental property, one of the first things you should do is protect it with the right insurance policy. Your initial thought would probably be to find a home insurance provider, but it’s not what you need if you are looking for […]

Landlord’s Guide to Get Okc Storm Damage Claim for Rental Property

Storm Damage Claim

Read this landlord’s guide to get okc storm damage claim for rental property. I am still fixing roofs and siding from the May 16 massive hail storm damage in the Oklahoma City metro area almost 5 months ago now.  The storm inflicted damage to tens of houses that I either own or manage. In this […]

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