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How to Minimize Vacancy Rates for Oklahoma City Rental Properties

Vacancy is a cash flow killer.  For your Oklahoma City rental to do well, it has to produce rent on a consistent basis. This article talks about vacancy rates, and what we do to minimize the vacancy rate in our Oklahoma City rental properties. Ideally, your tenant will NEVER want more from the property.  I […]

Cosmetic Upgrades to Your Oklahoma City Rental Property

Cosmetic Upgrade for OKC rental properties

It is said that out of any type of improvements that they can make to a property, investors get their biggest return on investment on cosmetic upgrades.  In this article, cosmetics include painting, flooring, and cleaning. It’s one in a series of article about improvements to your OKC rental properties.  Here are the other articles: […]

Seven Ways to Reduce your Oklahoma City Rental Property Maintenance Costs

Rental property maintenance costs can wipe out a landlord’s profit quicker than anything else. It’s a lot like a tax.  Just like a sneaky accountant can help eliminate greatly reduce the tax you have to pay, there are ways to reduce Oklahoma City rental property maintenance costs. But for starters, what is maintenance?  Maintenance is […]

How OKC Home Realty Services Avoids Bad Oklahoma City Tenants

When I first started in okc property management, it was very tempting to rent to the first person who turned in an application for a property. I made a ton of mistakes.  I learned the hard way. What can you do to know that you’re getting a good tenant for the property? I learned some […]

The most profitable South okc neighborhood (property management south okc)

Landlords love rental properties in south side of Oklahoma City.  In this blog post, I reveal the rental pricing average for the South Oklahoma City.  The data used in this analysis was presented in Volume 1, No. 1 of The Nachatilo Report.  The Nachatilo Report was created because there is no compilation of rental rates […]