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How to set the Rental Price for Your OKC Rental Property

Ready Property Management

One of the things that made Sherlock Holmes such a great detective was his vast knowledge of seemingly trivial information.  You also have to have a grasp of all types of information, some definitely trivial, to be a good property manager.   For example, what specific properties will rent for in specific neighborhoods.   But I will […]

Six Key Reports Your Property Management Company Should be Providing

how to switch property management companies

I recently wrote up an employee for two different items on the same day. Our company policy is three strikes and you are out. So for this employee, we will terminate them upon their next screw up that is either big enough to warrant a write up, or a repeat of the same behavior they […]

How to Lease Your Oklahoma City Rental Property Quickly

how to switch property management companies

How long does it take to get a property leased? I get that question from just about everyone who contacts me about property management. It depends. There are no guarantees. It’s just like poker. I’m no expert at the poker table, in fact I’m the kind of player who looses money because I’m just too […]