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By the time your are reading this, the outcome of the Super Bowl (2011) will likely have already been decided. As of my writing, the Greenbay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers have just one their respective divisions. The blog post presents the biggest, most expensive costs facing landlords.

This year, the Super Bowl just happens to be in Dallas – just a 5 hour drive down the road from me in Oklahoma City. I thought it would be a great opportunity to see the Packers play, for whom I am a closet fan (I guess I’m not in the closet anymore).

I went to the internet in search of some affordable tickets. I mean, what could some nose bleed seats be for this 3-hour contest? $300 or $400 at the most?

Big surprise. The absolute cheapest ticket I could find was over $2,800. Who are they kidding? Who’s wife lets them get away with spending almost 3 grand on a paltry 3 hours of entertainment?

Seriously. How can a man stay married after going to the Super Bowl? Obviously, one would either have to conceal the payment through some elaborate scheme, or negotiate something they would really regret later.

I’ve noticed some other outrageous pricing in my Oklahoma City rental business that seems almost as ludicrous. Take, for instance, something as innocuous as trash removal. I recently got a quote for a bringing a 20 yard dumpster on location and hauled off for over $600. Because trash haul off is needed for just about every make ready I do, I decided to go ahead and put together a special trash-hauling crew to cut that expense.

Therefore, poor property management is the most costly expense you can face as a property owner.
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