Best Cities to Invest in Real Estate in Oklahoma (With Maximum ROI)

best cities to invest in real estate in Oklahoma 2023

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Oklahoma has an extremely low cost of living and no rush hour. This state has been ranked as the fourth most affordable state to live in the USA. Investing in real estate in Oklahoma has expected cash flows and profit opportunities. Get to know if Oklahoma is the best place to buy a rental property or not.

In this article, we will be tracking the best cities to invest in real estate in Oklahoma. Investing in a property without any research and facts can be tough. Let us assist you with the statistics and the facts. We have collected data from studies on the best places to invest in rental properties, the average sale prices, property taxes, and more. Also, get to know about all bills paid houses in OKC.

Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in Oklahoma (Top 7 Cities)

The following details can help you determine the power of the rental real estate market, as well as evaluate potential vacancy rates. You can do real estate investing on a budget here in the best places in Oklahoma. Go through the list below for the best cities in Oklahoma to invest in real estate.

Oklahoma City – Capital of the U.S. state of Oklahoma

Is Oklahoma City the cheapest place to buy a rental property? Yes. Oklahoma City is the capital city and is very landlord-friendly and one of the cheapest places in Oklahoma to invest in real estate. This state is not only a safe place but also a very affordable and ideal place for living. Real estate investment in Oklahoma City is cheap due to the fact of including a large amount of developable, flat land and various other factors. Oklahoma City is considered one of the best cities to invest in real estate. Get know details from Property Management OKC.

Real Estate Investing can be affected by factors like the Neighborhood. You need to consider your family’s needs and amenities such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centers before buying an investment property. The Median Sale Price in Oklahoma City is $200k. Moreover, 

  • Population growth: 1.6%
  • Employment growth: 0.5%
  • Increase in home values: 6.3%

Note: Top 5 Reasons for Real Estate Investing in Oklahoma City

Best Time for Real Estate Investment in Oklahoma City

The best time for Real estate investment depends upon the various circumstances below: 

FactorsMonthRate (In %)
Housing InventoryJanuary6.8% lower than average
Listing PriceFebruary27.04% more homes to choose from
Mortgage ratesDecember2.98% interest for a 30-year mortgage
Oklahoma Association of Realtors data (August 2023) Bankrate data (December 2023)

It is obvious we want to pay as little as possible while buying a house. There are various exceptions when it comes to prices in Oklahoma Properties. The best time to buy an Oklahoma house is in the winter as the prices fall during this time. The months of November and December have the lowest home pricing in a year.

During festive seasons, homeowners make a good offer with the selling of investment properties. Before the year ends, you can get lucky with a good home in some of the beautiful places in Oklahoma at affordable prices.
So, hunting for a house in cold weather can make you really wealthy.

There are plenty of beautiful houses for rent in OKC that balance your comfort and prices beneficially. Get a house at the prices that you want.

Edmond – A Great Place to Grow

Growing a family in Edmond can be the best decision. Edmond Public School is one of the fastest-growing and most prestigious schools in Edmond. Edmond City is known for its strong economy, public schools, an early childhood center, and important history.

best city to invest in real estate

Edmond City is one of the safest and best cities in Oklahoma to invest in real estate. The average crime rate in Edmond is 55% lower than the rate in Oklahoma and 46% lower than the nation’s mean. The housing expenses are 14% lower compared to the National average so it is considered the cheapest place to live in Oklahoma. The district offers the best locality for Middle-class citizens. The employment market is recovering and the interest rates are attractive in Edmond. 

If you want a house with a beautiful and spacious garden, and a fenced yard together with a private driveway, then you should consider buying one in Edmond. You can get Edmond Rental Properties at very reasonable prices.

Del City – Both Military and Civilian Residents

Del City has always been an interesting place to live in Oklahoma. The city has a population of almost 22,000. Houses in the Del City area were constructed mainly during the 1940s – 1970s, although the greatest amount of building occurred in the 1960s. Most Homes in Del City are a mix of frames and bricks. 

The city has been known for both military and civilian residents. The people there are friendly, and there are also various outdoor activities that keep you and your family active and healthy. 

Houses are 57% owner-occupied and 43% renter-occupied. About 50% of residents have a high school education, and about 26% have a college education. Real Estate Investing in Del City can be the best decision for you. Get to know about Property Management Del City OK.

Yukon City – 3rd Safest Place in Oklahoma

Talking about Yukon City is the safest place to invest in real estate and the best city to live in Oklahoma. Yukon is well-known as a family-oriented city and keeps a small-town atmosphere.

best cities in Oklahoma

Yukon City offers open space, a suitable living environment, and safety. The place is peaceful, and you don’t have to worry about noise or crowds. The city is rapidly growing in both the number of citizens as well as retail spaces and a lively dining scene.

Yukon City is the 3rd safest place in Oklahoma state. The crime and unemployment rate here is significantly less than the Oklahoma state average. This makes Yukon City a safe, family-friendly place to settle down. The community is also friendly, and heartwarming. The children can play outside safely without anything to worry about.

We have a few investment properties in Yukon, Oklahoma if you are looking for one. Buying a house in Oklahoma and managing it on your own can be tough. We are the best Realty OKC to manage properties in various cities in Oklahoma. Here you go about Yukon property management.

Midwest City – Family-friendly Attractions

Midwest City is home to family-friendly attractions and shopping. It is a progressive city that has been recognized for its Midwest city high schools for bombers. Affordable living makes Midwest City a great place for both living and investing. With steady employment and population growth, Midwest city’s median sale price is just around $150k. 

The Rental prices from the midwest city area are an average of $739 per month. Here is more data in Property Management Midwest City OK.

Some Demographics and Economics Facts of Midwest City

  • Midwest City is bounded by NE 63rd Street on the north, Post Road on the east, SW 89th Street on the south, and Bryant and Sooner Road on the west.
  • In Midwest City, the African Americans (18.8%), whites (68.5%), and Native Americans (3%) are all very close to the overall averages for the OKC Metro area. The Latino population (4.1%) is about half the overall average of the OKC metro area.
  • The percentage of residents below the poverty line in Midwest City (13.7%) was lower than the overall average for the OKC metro area (17.9%).
  • The percentage of unemployment in Midwest City (3.2%) was below the overall average for the OKC metro area.
  • The median income for the Midwest City area ($35,351) was greater than the overall average of the OKC metro area ($33,624).

Here is the Oklahoma City’s Real Estate Market: Data & Trends For Investors

Bethany – Very Remote Location

Bethany is a great town in Oklahoma State. The city has a great community that you won’t live anywhere else than Bethany Oklahoma. The residents in Bethany support each other. The houses are very livable and safe to grow. Not only that, the prices of houses are very low in comparison to the national average. No wonder, it is a great Suburb of Oklahoma City! Bethany is a nice, quiet little place to stay.

best place to invest in real estate

And the good thing is that it is only a few miles away from Bricktown and the rest of OKC. Anyone can go nearby and enjoy the ‘big city’ scene.

Bethany is one of the best cities to invest in rental properties. There is a lot of potential for investment properties in Bethany OK as the prices are lower than the national average. As a Property Management Bethany OK, we fulfilled many clients with friendly neighborhoods. And the schools are some of the best in the state.

Moore City – Seventh Largest City in the State of Oklahoma

Moore City is a part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, located south of Oklahoma City and north of Norman, in central Oklahoma. Moore is a family-friendly state. 

Moore City has an outstanding public school system. It offers quiet and safe neighborhoods and a quality of life like no other in the metro area. The City of Moore holds the growth and all that it offers. Development is encouraged yet a great effort is made to maintain a unique lifestyle.

One of the best things about Moore City is the small-town feel a visitor or resident experiences. As one new resident stated, “It just feels like home.” The real estate investors here can expect a great return on their properties and will easily find reliable tenants. Look through the Moore City Properties and make your own decisions.

FactorsRate (In %)
Sales Tax Rate8.5%
Income Tax Rate5.0%
The Unemployment Rate4.1%

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Best Places To Invest In Oklahoma Real Estate Conclusion

Get rich by investing in real estate in Oklahoma. The data above about the best places to invest in real estate is based on recent real estate market trends, property taxes, rate of appreciation, rent prices, job growth, demographic and economic factors, quality of life, and so on. Real estate prices have been rising day by day and real estate investors are getting richer day by day. However, there are many factors that can impact the value of the real estate and some of these variables are impossible to predict. For Example; COVID-19.

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There are various factors that influence people to choose to rent a home instead of buying one. This has resulted in favorable data in the single-family rental market, which is a huge investment opportunity in 2023. Choosing single-family rental homes for real estate investment can be a great option.


How is the real estate market in Oklahoma?

Housing prices in Oklahoma City have increased 13.2% over the past year. The median home cost is $124k, cheap compared to the United States.

Is Oklahoma a landlord-friendly state?

Oklahoma is normally considered a landlord-friendly state because landlords have the potential to raise rental prices and evict tenants. There are also a few rules and regulations about the maintenance and redistribution of security deposits.

Are homes expensive in Oklahoma?

The price of houses in Oklahoma has been rising over the past years. Despite the rising price, Oklahoma real estate is still affordable compared to other real estate markets in the USA.

Is Midwest Oklahoma a good place for investment properties?

2021 is a great time to invest in investment properties in Midwest City. It is known as one of the most affordable cities on its list, with the median home price well below the national average.

What is Midwest City known for?

Midwest City – the 8th largest city in Oklahoma state is home to family-friendly attractions and shopping. It is a progressive city that has been recognized for its Midwest city high schools for bombers.

Is Edmond OK a good place to raise a family?

Edmond city’s crime rate according to area vibes,
55% LOWER than the average crime rate in Oklahoma
46% LOWER than the nation’s mean
Edmond is a safe place to start your life and raise a family. Not only that, the city is known best for Public Schools too.

What are the best places to invest in real estate in Oklahoma?

The following are the best places to invest in Oklahoma Real Estate:
Oklahoma City – Capital of the U.S. state of Oklahoma
Midwest City – Family-friendly Attractions
Edmond – Great Place to Grow
Bethany – Very Remote Location
Del City – Both Military and Civilian Residents
Moore – Seventh Largest City in the State of Oklahoma

Is Oklahoma a good state for real estate investment in 2023?

Absolutely. Oklahoma offers affordable prices, a strong job market, a stable economy, and favorable landlord laws, making it a promising destination for real estate. Do your research and work with a qualified real estate agent before you invest.

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