Finance Rental Real Estate Using Local Oklahoma City Banks

Let’s face it, if you are going to invest in OKC rental real estate, you almost can’t do without local banks for borrowing money to buy properties. This article tells you what local bankers have to offer real estate investors.  At the end of the article, it gives you some tips about how to initially […]

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling for Your OKC Rental Property

Kitchen and BAthroom remodeling for OKC rental property

The kitchen and the bathroom are big deals in any household. There are two basic types of remodeling for the kitchen and bathrooms.  A minor upgrade and a full remodel. A minor upgrade means that most of the same items are going to remain.  A full remodeling means that you are removing everything and starting […]

Spotting Construction Pitfalls for OKC Rental Properties

Foundation Problems in OKC Rental Property

When I first started buying rental properties, a realtor told me about a property that was listed so cheaply it sounded too good to be true.  I rushed to the property so that I could get my offer in first. It did turn out to be to good to be true.  The house had a […]

Keeping the Weather out of Your OKC Rental Property

Oklahoma is famous for it’s weather.  Severe weather.  Heavy rains.  Blazing heat.  Ice and snow. If there is one thing that you don’t want to neglect about your rental it’s the exterior shell.  The roof.  The siding.  The doors and windows. Most of our severe weather (i.e., strong thunder storms and winds, hail, etc.) occurs […]

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