A Rental Cash Flow Calculator that can Stop You from Making a Huge Mistake

How can rental cash flow calculator save you from making huge mistake?

I know you don’t like losing money any more than I do. You absolutely must do your investing by the numbers. When a real estate agent tells you it’s a great deal, do you just take them at their word? Of course not.  That’s where the numbers come in to play. The most critical time […]

Three Ways to ensure Your Property Management Company doesn’t Overcharge You

I once made loan payments to a company for almost a year before I discovered my mistake. You see, I never actually took out the loan. But, the book keeper found some of the preliminary paperwork, and started making the monthly payments. The loan company didn’t catch the mistake either. Of course, they refunded my […]

The Top 10 Mistakes Property Management Companies make that can cost You a Fortune

This article has a list of the top 10 mistakes property management companies make that end up costing you a fortune.  Most of these are just systems mistakes because the property management company just doesn’t know better.  A person just doesn’t know what they don’t know. #1 – Poor Tenant Screening Practices Poor Tenant screening […]

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