How Neighborhoods and Demographics Affect Your Rental Properties in Oklahoma City

In article, I discuss two factors that are completely beyond your control of a landlord.  These two factors, neighborhoods and demographics, have a dramatic effect on how well your rental properties in oklahoma city perform. Let’s face it, there are factors that are within a landlord’s control, like upgrades you can make to your rental […]

Oklahoma City in the year 2033

The Sunday Daily Oklahoman recently had a whole series of articles based on asking various city leaders what Oklahoma City was going to be like in the year 2033. They interviewed a whole host of community leads, from the mayor to top business owners and CEOs, and others. What stood out from a real estate […]

Affordable Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Tips for OKC Rentals

Turn over is very expensive.  One sure fire way to get people to move out of your Oklahoma City rental property is to have a poorly insulated home with high utility bills. This article has nine tips for making your OKC rental properties as energy efficient as possible.   It’s one in a series of article […]

How to Improve a Mediocre Rental Property (Part 1)

If you have ever seen a mechanic’s shop, he’s got many specialty tools for figuring out why your car isn’t working right. It’s a lot different with newer cars than one when I was growing up. Those were cars that you could work on. For the most part, they hook up the newer cars to […]

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