Ten Points to Look for in any OKC Property Management Agreement

In order to start service with a property management company, you must first enter into a property management agreement with that company.  But be careful, entering into such an agreement can be the start of an absolutely terrible experience depending upon the property management agreement. You only get one shot initially at a contract.  Be […]

How much are Oklahoma City property management fees?

How much is Oklahoma City property management fee?

Have you ever driven in the fog? You have to drive slowly, right? Or you might run into something. You can see the same thing going on with some property management companies.   They offer discount management and leasing fees, but they make up for it somewhere else.   They put up smoke screens to […]

How to get a low-cost, an air-tight lease for Oklahoma City

A strong lease is the basis of a property manager’s relationship with a tenant. It lays all the groundwork for rules. There are probably 1,000 small points that, taken together, contribute to a good, strong Oklahoma lease. Obviously, I can’t cover all those points right here, but there are some really important ones that any […]

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